One Way Ticket to One Direction 2

Sequel to my first fanfic: "One Way Ticket to One Direction" check that out so this book makes sense! :) and for the rest of you that read my other book I hope you enjoy this book too! Stay awesome everyone!


8. I love you (A/N at the end!)

   ~Zayn's Pov~
 "C'mon daddy!" Violet pulls me along down to Kalel's room where everyone was at.

"I'm going Violet!" I try catching up to her as she held onto my hand. We walk in to see Ruby and Katie talking to Kalel, while Liam was playing a round of go fish with Lewis.

"How's everything going?" Kalel gazed up at me as everyone's eyes fell on me too.

"Niall just has a couple more days and everyone got to see him."

  It's been a whole week of disaster for us. Liam losing his memory, Tanya hurting Kalel and Lewis, and Niall ending up in rehab for no reason. None of us have bothered to visit Tanya next door. She might end up getting a visit from Viper or Austin to yell at her though.

"That's good." She goes back to talking to the girls.

"Daddy, what's gonna happen?" Violet came up to me.

"With what Violet?" I kneel down to her level.

"With Uncle Niall?"

"Honestly, I don't know. We're just hoping he's coming out soon."

"Oh." She looks down thinking to herself. "I'm hungry." She rubs her stomach.

"Hey, why don't you go ask Liam and Katie if they could take you down to the food court. I need to talk to Ruby, okay?" She nods as she quickly drags Katie and Liam along with her.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I need to talk to Ruby privately." Ruby looks up at me nodding. We walk out to the hallway closing the door behind us.

"So what do you need to tell me?"

"Well first," I lean down to peck her lips as she giggles, "and second, I'm sorry that we haven't had much time together. With all this ruckus happening over our tour break and having to take care of Violet."

She leans up to me putting her hand on my chest kissing me, then pulling away. "It's okay Zayn. No need for apologies."

"I love you." I smile down at her.

"Love you too." She wraps her arms around me.

 A/N: Sorry to disappoint you guys, it was really short. I'm just not getting hyped up on writing this book much anymore. If you've been reading this since the beginning(since the 1st book) you know that I was writing this book based on my life with my friends.
  Things are just going downhill and it feels weird writing this book. I've had many ideas on how to end the story, but I've chosen to not end it yet because this is part of my 1st book I've ever wrote and it's kind of special. I might write 3-5 chapters more and just end it there. I bet many of you don't read this book anymore due to me not writing for the past couple weeks/months. Might update on the weekend or early next week. Just on how I'm feeling. Don't worry...I promise.
  Well I'll talk to you people later. Let me know if you're still reading this book in the comments. <3

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