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9. Niall Horan- Without You I Wouldn’t Make It

Niall Horan- Without You I Wouldn’t Make It


“Have fun. Tell them I said hi.” I smiled, jumping over to the driver’s seat.


“Will do. But it’ll be better if you came with me.” He mumbled, leaning down and I pecked his soft pink lips.


“You call that a kiss?” He asked, and I just rolled my eyes, giving him what he wanted.


“I would love to but you know I can’t miss my rehearsals.” I said, and he nodded. “I know, just don’t miss me too much, love.” He winked, and I just rolled my eyes.


I watched him as he walked up to his parent’s door and I seemed to notice another car in the driveway. It wasn’t Greg’s car.


I shrugged it off and drove out of the road. I reached in my pocket for my cell but then I remembered Niall had it.


I groaned, turning around making my way back to the Horan’s home. I was about to knock until I heard yelling coming from inside.


What the hell is happening?


 “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I’M HAPPILY FINE WITH Y/N, I DON’T NEED A FUCKIN’ ARRANGE MARRIAGE! I CAN’T POSSIBLY MARRY SOMEONE I DON’T LOVE!” I heard Niall yell, and I didn’t know my legs were moving, until someone cleared their throat.


I turned around and saw a different lady standing near the door looking me up and down. All of a sudden everyone’s attention was drawn to me. I cleared my throat awkwardly as I made my way to Niall.


“Hey, what’s up?” He asked, wrapping his arm around my waist. “Well, I was down the road until I remembered you had my phone and I kind of need it.” I laughed dryly, and I felt everyone’s eyes on us now.


“Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot.” He smiled, reaching for his back pocket and grabbed my phone. I was about to grab it but he pulled me towards his old bedroom and closed the door.


“What’s wrong?” I asked, rubbing his forehead.


“How much did you hear?” He asked, looking everywhere but me.


“Just something about an Arrange Marriage. Niall look, I love you so much and to be honest with you...I can’t stand it when I see you with other girls. But this is what you’re parents want and we can’t stop that. Even if we love each other or not. All I’m saying i-”


“No, we are not doing this. What they’re doing is wrong! I can’t be forced to be with someone that I don’t have any feelings for. You’re the one that I want to marry not some random girl that I don’t know anything thing about. ” Niall huffed.


“Babe, you’ll figure it out. But for now, just do what you’re parents want, okay? Just know that I’ll always be there for you and I’ll love you always.” I smiled sadly, kissing him with passion.


As much as I don’t want him to do this, it’s his parent’s choice and I can’t be in the way. I know it was the right thing to do. And whatever happens along the way, it was meant to happen.


“No babe, I can’t do this to you.” Niall mumbled, tears rolling down his face.


“Hey, don’t be like that. Just get to know her better, and then maybe you’ll end up falling for her.” I said, wiping the tears running down his face.


“But I don’t want to know her. There’s nothing nice about her, compared to you. I can’t let you go.” He cried, and I just pulled him in a tight warm hug.


No matter how much I wanted to cry right now, I try to hold it in.


“I’ll always be with you, right here.” I said, pointing to his heart. “Do it for me, Nialler. Please?” I asked. It took a few minutes until he nodded.


“Okay, I’ll do it. Just don’t forget that I love you and I always will.” He smiled, but it wasn’t his usual big happy smile.


“Good boy. I could never forget your love for me. Just don’t kill her before the wedding.” I said, trying to light up the mood and it worked.


“I can’t promise something that I’ll surely break.” He joked, and I playfully glared at him.


“This is why I love you.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist.


“Why?” I raised my eyebrow.


“Because to you, the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” He said, and I laughed.


“Well, what can I say; I’ve always been the humble one.” I joked, and he threw his head back laughing. There’s that contagious laugh.


“We better get back out there before they burn the house down while we’re in here.” I mumbled, and he just shook his head.


“You have the most beautiful imagination.” He laughed, and I pushed his shoulder lightly.


Everyone came into view and I couldn’t help but notice Niall’s smile vanish so quickly. Poor Nialler.


“Well, I should get going before I get another lecture.” I laughed, and Niall rolled his eyes, connecting our lips and not caring that his parents and another family was there.


I heard someone gag and I quickly pulled away, seeing it was a girl round my age, with long falsies with four inch heels and in-appropriate clothing on. Okaaay.


“What are you staring at?” She snapped, and I just smiled at her.


“Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that!” Niall argued.


“You mean ex-girlfriend.” She scoffed, and I swear Niall was about to beat the shit out of her. I held onto Niall’s shoulders to calm him down.


“Hey, look at me. Everything’s going to be fine. Trust me.” I pecked his lips one more time, and walked out the door. As I jumped back into my car, all the tears that I held in, all broke loose as I drove away from the driveway.


What just happened?


Three Weeks Later…


Niall’s P.O.V


“Mate, I’m sorry to say this but you’re soon to be wife is such a fuckin’ brat, man. I accidentally stepped on her foot and she went all hyena like on me.” Greg said, and I couldn’t help but laugh.


“You can call her whatever name you want. Even though she’s going to be my wife, I’ll always be longing for one special girl.” I smiled to myself, picturing Y/N dancing crazy in our bed.


“She is one special girl, mate. I still can’t believe she encouraged you to marry that two faced troll. I could never understand her.” Greg laughed to himself.


He’s right. Y/N is way from different from other girls. Maybe that’s why I like her. She’s different. She likes to put other people’s needs before hers. She’s lovable, caring, bubbly and the list goes on. Until you get to her bad side. That’s the side no one wants to see.


“Well, I can’t really do anything about it but…just follow your heart. It’ll lead you there.” He said, and I just raised my eyebrows.


“What?” He asked.


“Since when did you become all wise and shit?” I asked, and he just laughed.


“It’s a special gift.” He winked, walking out of my dressing room.


I stared at myself in the mirror, fixing my tie. Aren’t you supposed to be happy on your wedding day? I feel the total opposite of that.


“Hey mate, time to go.” Liam said, sticking his head through the door.


“You’re nightmare awaits.” Louis mumbled, walking into the room earning a slap from Zayn.


I just laughed at me crazy bandmates.


“What it’s true. She could strangle you just by staring.” Louis reasoned, earning a slap from Liam this time.


“Where’s Harry?” I asked, placing the flower into the pocket of my black tux.


“Oh, Harry’s going to be running late. Something’s came up and it was urgent. Knowing Harry, when he says urgent it means something else.” Zayn said, and we all burst out laughing.


“Well time to go.” My mother chirped, pulling me out of the dressing room as the boys followed.


“Are there any objections? If not you may now kiss the bri-”


“STOP THIS WEDDING!” I turned around and saw…Harry?


“Harry?” I said, shocked. What is he doing?


“That’s my father-I mean mother-Oh fuck this shit. This wedding can’t continue.” Harry said, and I just raised my eyebrow. This should be interesting.


“And why not?” My so called ‘Bride’ asked, arms folded across her chest.




“Because he loves someone else. Someone that loves him for him and not his money. Someone that cares for him and would always be there. Someone he would always wake up to every morning. Someone that remembers every small detail about him…and that someone is me-”


“Y/N.” I breathe, cutting her off. I quickly ran up to her, lifting her feet off the ground and our lips collided.


I heard people clapping and we both pulled away seeing the boys clapping, Harry wiping fake tears.


That’s Harry.


“Argh! This is not over! We still have to-”


‘Barbie’ was cut off by Y/N, ripping off her veil and pulling out her extensions.


“Looks pretty over to me.” Y/N shrugged, and everyone just laughed at her. ‘Barbie’ screamed storming down the aisle, leaving me with one more thing to do.


I walked up to Y/N and got on one knee, causing people to ‘aaww’ and the boys fist pumped the air.


“Y/N, you are the only girl that I love with all my heart. You always seem to lighten up every day of my life and I want you to be there till the end. I’m so glad that I didn’t lose you, because if I did…I would’ve lost my best friend, my soul mate, my smile, my laugh, my everything. I know that there’s a spot in my heart that will never belong to anyone else but you. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m thankful with everything I have. I’m thankful that I have you, and I want you to be mine forever. Y/F/N, will you do the honours and marry me?” I asked, and I swear the suspense was killing me.


“Now how could I say no to that? I’d love to be Mrs Horan.” She said, and everyone laughed.


Typical Y/N.


I slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her with love and passion.


Now how could I ever get used to this?

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