One Direction Imagines

Anything I think of will be turned into imagines!


6. Louis Tomlinson-Football-

Your P.O.V

"Babe, watch out people are walking."I said and Louis was still kicking the soccer ball.


"C'mon babe, play with me."He said passing me the ball and I grabbed it running away with it. "Hey!"I heard him yell and I could hear his footsteps right behind me then I felt two hands snaked around my waist and I screamed. He laughed and turned me around and I put the ball behind my back. He grinned leaning in slowly and I did too.

When his lips were about to meet mine he snatched the ball from my back and ran away. "Not fair!"I exclaimed and he laughed playing with Niall. "Nialler, your suppose to help me."I whined. "Sorry, Y/N. When it comes to playing football, I'm always up for a game."He said and I groaned. What a best friend he is.


"You guys suck."I said pushing my hair out of my face. It's early morning and these morons wanted to play soccer. 

"I'm Y/N, and you guys suck."Louis imitated me and I poked tongues and his actions.


"I'm going to get me a coffee."I said walking to Starbucks. "Good morning, can I have one Latte. Two sugars please."I said and the girl nodded. I finally received my nice hot Latte and made my way out and my eyes widen seeing Louis on some small hill.


"Lou, get your sexy ass down here."I called out and he winked making Niall laugh. "Wait just one slide."He said. "Nope. Get down here now."I said and he pouted. "Fine."He mumbled and I grinned. He tried to slide down but he didn't even move so he had to use his feet, Niall and I burst out laughing.

He finally made it to the ground and ran after me. "Ahh."I screamed and he grabbed my Latte and drank it. He pecked my lips and Niall ran to get the ball. We made our way back to the house, where the rest of the guys are at.

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