One Direction Imagines

Anything I think of will be turned into imagines!


4. Liam Payne-Lazy Day-

Your P.O.V

I'm a bit disappointed that I won't get to see Liam. Him and the boys we're suppose to come back home today but their plane was delayed cause of the weather there in Japan.

I felt my phone vibrating and I got it out of my pocket.

From: My Boyfriend <3
Hey Babe. We'll see how the weather is tomorrow and hopefully the plane won't be delayed. Miss you. x

You sighed and sent a quick reply.

I looked out the window and the sky was getting darker and darker. I lay down on the couch and watched Toy Story 2.


I opened my eyes scanning the room that I'm in. That's weird. I don't remember sleeping in my room last night. I felt someone shuffling next to me and I turned around seeing Liam already awake. "Morning, Babe."He smiled and I literally jumped on top of him and showering him with kisses.

He chuckled at my actions and connected our lips.

"I missed you."I said. "I missed you too babe."He said pecking my lips once again. "Wanna go out and do something fun?"He asked and I shook my head. "Let's have a lazy day."I said and he looked at me. "Spend the day home and do nothing?"He asked and I nodded. "I miss spending time with you."I said and he nodded pecking my forehead.

We stayed in the same position and I could hear his heart beat.

If I had to make a wish it would be stopping the time and enjoy this very moment together.

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