One Direction Imagines

Anything I think of will be turned into imagines!


2. Harry Styles-Wake Up-

Your P.O.V

I woke up seeing no sign of Harry in bed with me. Then I just remember our little argument last night and I kicked him out of the room. I looked over to the alarm clock and it was 1:41 in the morning. Now that I think about it I feel bad for kicking him out. That was our very first argument ever.

I sighed loudly and put on my robe, making my way to the living room. I looked over to the couch seeing Harry fast asleep on the couch and he could barely fit. 


I kneeled down in front of the couch and shook him lightly. "Harry. Harry."I said removing his earphones out of his ears. "Babe, wake up."I said shaking him. "What?"He asked. "Get up. Your gonna get a sore neck by the morning."I said lifting him up. I lead him our bedroom and walked back to the kitchen to me a drink.

I turned off all the lights and made my way back to the bed seeing Harry in bed, snoring lightly.

I smiled to myself and removed my robe and got back in bed and Harry's arms were snaked around my waist. I turned around and pecked his nose. "You missed."He said a bit sleepy making me laugh. I pecked his lips and he smiled his eyes still closed. "Better."He said. "Sorry for kicking you out of the room."I said and he laughed. 

"It's okay. Lesson learned. Never argue with your girlfriend. Especially when she's stubborn."He said and I flicked his nose, making him chuckle. "Love you."He said pecking my lips once more. "Love you too."I smiled and went back to a dreamless sleep.


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