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7. Harry Styles-Never In Your Wildest Dreams

Harry Styles-Never In Your Wildest Dreams


“What can I get you?” The bartender asked.

“Soda, will do.” I smiled, swinging on my seat. I probably look like I want to go to the restroom.

“What, can’t handle the alcohol?” A husky voice, whispered behind my ear.

“No, I just don’t wanna look like you, when I’m drunk.” I smirked. He just laughed and sat on the seat next to me.


“What’s your name beautiful?” The curly haired boy asked, but I was too focused on the bleach blonde walking towards us. Her silky curls bounced off her shoulders and she had a-

“Love, what’s your-”

“-Flat.” I blurted, and I mentally face-palmed. “F-flat?” He asked, disbelief written in his voice. Shit I was saying that in my head when I saw the blonde’s flat chest. And yet I still wonder why I don’t have friends.

“Y-yes. Flat...White, you know like the coffee?” I said, but it was more of a question though.

“Oh. That is a very unique name and it’s beautiful.” Curly boy said, and I tried my best to not roll my eyes.

“Well what can I say; my mother loves her Flat White.” I joked, and he just laughed.




“Harry honey, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” The blonde whispered seductively in his ear.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” Curly asked, and I did a plane crashing sound causing the blonde to glare at me.

What the fuck lady? Do you know who I am? I am Flat White from the future! Yeah that’s right…I said your chest.

“Harry bear, you’re so funny.” The blonde purred, making me choke on my soda.

“You alright there.” The bartender guy asked.

“Yeah. I think I just swallowed a cat.” I coughed, and I heard a light chuckle coming from Curly fry.

“Look, I’m sorry but I honestly don’t know who you are.” Curly said, pushing the blonde away from him.


“Argh! We are over!” She yelled, as she flipped her hair, hitting Curly in the process, and walked off.

“There was never an us.” Curly mumbled, and I whistled looking everywhere but him, pretending I wasn’t listening to their convo.

“What are you doing?” Curly asked.

“Oh you know, whistling to ‘iodoleheehoo’. It’s the biggest hit right now. ” I said, and he just shook his head laughing like a moron. Oh who am I kidding, he is a moron.

“You just made my night.” He laughed.


“What did I make?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

“You are one of a kind.” He laughed, shaking his head.

Yep, he’s officially an idiot.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked, and he nearly choked on his beer.

“What?” I asked, and he just raised his eyebrow.


“The blonde said it a few minutes ago.” He said.

“Oh, which one? Harry Honey or Harry Bear? I was just confused-”

“No, it’s just Harry.” He laughed, cutting me off.

“Are you sure? Cause I kind of like Harry Bear-”

“Noooo.” He whined and I just laughed at him.

“Harry, we have to get you home. Management wants to talk with all of you guys.” A big guy said, pulling on Harry Bear’s arm.

“But I’m-”


“We have to go now Harry.” The same man said, and he managed to get him off the seat.

“Sorry dude, but he prefers Harry Bear.” I grinned, and Harry Bear face-palmed.

“Harry Be-what?” The man asked, confused. Aren’t we all.

Not as confusing as Flat White!


“Okaay, Paul we can go now. See you around, Flat White.” Harry Bear called out, and I swear people looked at me weirdly.

“Flat Whi-what the hell?” Paul asked, and Harry Bear was now pulling on his arm.

Flat White…Out of all names and I say Flat White. I am such a genius.


“Are you okay, Miss?” The bartender asked.

“Wha-huh?” I asked, confused as fuck.

“You were just talking to yourself there. Maybe you drank a little too much.” He laughed.

Yeah like you could so get drunk from drinking a fuckin’ soda aye. And I thought I was a genius.


I just looked at the guy like he grew ten ears.

“You said something about Flat White?” He said slowly so I could catch on.

I said that out loud? Okay, I seriously need to stop thinking out loud.

“You just did it again, Miss.” He said.

Fuck You. Bet you didn’t hear that, bitch!


“Excuse me?”

“Oh fuck.” I groaned. I grabbed my jacket and just as I were about to leave, a phone started ringing next to me.

I looked down at the seat and there was a phone lying there.

I knew he was an idiot.


“Harry Bear can’t answer the phone right now. He’s getting his first round of hormone replacement today.” I said into the phone with a straight face.

“Hormone replacement? I’m sorry this is Anne, Harry’s mother.” The lady said, and my eyes widened.

“Well yes. You see, Harriet-I mean Harry wants to know what it feels like to be a female and so he wanted to experience it for himself.” I lied, running out of the club.

“What on earth? Well, can I at least speak to my son?” She asked.

What part of Hormone replacement don’t you get, lady!


“Aruhosghguf…sorry I can’t hear you…afhorugh.” I turned off the phone and made my way home.

Where the fuck did I come up with Hormone replacement? Sometimes I surprise myself with the words that come out of my mouth.



Ring Ring

I groaned, flipping over to the other side of my bed.

Ring Ring

Who the fuck is this?

Ring Rin-

“What the fuck do you want?!” I yelled, still half asleep.

“Hormone replacement?!” Some random bitch yelled.

“Wrong number you dick! Do I sound like a fuckin’ hormone remover to you?” I asked, and I heard a few people laughing in the background.


What the actual fuck? If someone is pranking me right now, I swear-

“My Mom came over to my mate’s flat and went all ape shit about me having hormone replacement. What the fuck, Flat?” Harry Bear asked.

The moron thinks my name if Flat. I swear it’s the curls that’s making him stupid.


I backed away and looked at the cell phone. Well, it’s definitely not mine. I picked up the wrong phone.

“Your fault for leaving your phone behind.” I argued.

“I left it on purpose, knowing you were going to take it with you. I thought you were going to ring someone from my contacts or something.” He said, and I rolled my eyes.

“You do know I’m not the smartest chick in the book, right? Even the name Flat isn’t smart enough.” I mumbled, earning a soft chuckle from the other end of the line.

“Meet me at Starbucks. I’ll get my phone then.” He said.


“Never in your wildest dreams.” I scoffed.

“Then I’ll come to you.” He said, and I could tell he was probably smiling like a goof.

“No thanks.” I smiled.

“I’ll just track you then.”

“Oh fuck.” I mumbled, and I heard him laugh.

Looks like you’re going down the drain, Mr Cell.


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