One Direction Imagines

Anything I think of will be turned into imagines!


3. Harry Styles-Daddy-

Your P.O.V

You walked around the car and unbuckled Darcy's car seat. "Mommy, are we here to see Daddy?"My little four year old asked. "Yes, honey."I said grabbing her and she clapped in excitement. We walked in the gym and saw Niall drinking his water bottle. "Uncle Niall."Darce called out and Niall grinned picking her up.

"Hey, Darce. How was kindy?"Niall asked. "It was fun."She said. "Hey, Y/N. Harry's in the room."Niall said and I nodded. "Darce, you coming?"I asked and she nodded. Niall put her down and she waved. "Bye, Darce."He waved back. I grabbed Darce hand and opened the door seeing Harry sitting on the ground training.


"Daddy! Daddy!"Darce called out running to her Dad. Harry turned around grinning. He opened his arms wide for her and she ran into his arms tackling him to the ground making me laugh. "Hey, baby. How was your day?"He asked her. "Fun. Mommy bought me a stuffed giraffe."She said showing Harry her giraffe. "Oh did she?"Harry asked looking up at me and she nodded.

He got up and pecked my lips. We made our way out of the gym seeing Niall once again and we all made our way to the car. Harry buckled Darcy's seatbelt with Niall sitting next to her at the back. Harry got in and we drove home.


"Daddy?"Darce asked playing with her toys on the living room floor. "Yes, babe?"He asked. "I want a brother."She said and that caught me off guard. Harry looked at me and I shrugged. "Daddy, can I have a brother?"She asked looking up at us. "Sure, babe. When your mother is ready."He winked and I hit his arm playfully and Darce jumped up and down.

"Yay! I'm gonna have a brother..I'm gonna have a brother.."She sang making me and Harry laugh. "We can start tonight."Harry whispered and I pushed him off which made him laugh harder.

Suddenly my daughter wants a little brother.

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