Drops, Nothing More

This is for a 24 hour poetry competition, hope you enjoy it. Please share it with anyone you'd like. Feedback is greatly appreciated, too :)

Thank You,
sincerely, Daisy


1. Drops Nothing More

Drop, drop, drop.

Tears spilling from my soul,

they land on the floor,

they seep past the ground.

Combine with more.


Now they travel and join packs,

a small puddle forms, and now it lies,

with all my emotions.


They slowly turn into mist.

They are in the air I breath,

along with the silent cries of others.

As all our cries combine into clouds,

we travel the path of the wind,

more keep joining.


They aren't just cries anymore,

they are just water, nothing more.

Water with pollutants, and toxins.


There are enough of us now.

We fall once more,

we become a thunderstorm,

we flow with rivers and oceans.


We are just water now used, and cleansed.

Continued to be worn and mistreated.

We are scarce, and today we may grow tired.

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