They Don't Know About Us


Mabel Styles and her brothers Harry and Matt have no other choice but to Ireland from Cheshire, England, with their dad when Mabel's mother struggles to pay for the food and bills. But as Mabel meets new people at school she comes across a bad boy, Niall Horan, what will happen?


2. Chapter 1

Saturday, 4:12 pm 

I look up from my phone when I felt the car jolt. "We're here!" Dad turned the car off and got out, which left me with my brothers following behind him. The sky is already dark and everything is wet. I pulled my duffel bag out of the boot and slung it over my shoulder and walked inside.

 I went upstairs and found my room at the end of the hall. I stepped inside and glanced around. The floor a dark timber and the walls painted a jet black. Besides a few boxes of my items, the only thing was a single metal bed pushed up against the wall in a corner. I put my bag down and opened a box and took out the white fairy lights and began to hang them in my room. After I finished I put away the rest of my belongings and before I knew it, it's already dark.

 I went downstairs and slumped down on the long couch next to Harry. I scrolled through tumblr until dad walked in. "I'm going to work now, ill be back later. Harry, I left some money on the counter for dinner. Tell Matt." Dad kissed our heads, mumbling a 'love you' on the way out. 

"I say pizza." I decide after a long silence. I turned to face Harry. He rolled his eyes, smiling. "Of course." He called dominos and ordered while I went to get changed into my pajamas. So I went upstairs, into my room, got changed into my favorite pajamas which has pink donuts with rainbow sprinkles! went back downstairs after washing my face and brushing my hair into a messy bun. 

Matt sat on the lounge flicking through the channels on TV. The doorbell rang and Harry got up and greeted the pizza delivery guy and payed him. He placed the pizza boxes on the table and began serving for himself. "Matt! Dinner!" I called out to my little brother as I served myself a plate of pizza too. He walked in and his eyes immediately spotted the boxes of pizza and he rolled his eyes. "Again?" he sighed grabbing a plate. Harry chuckled, I stuck my tongue out. "What's so bad about pizza?" I asked annoyed. "Only that we have it all the time." "Ugh, shutup." I mumbled as I took my pizza to my room. 



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