I'm still breathing


2. Chapter 2



*5 days earlier*

    I woke up and checking xanonymousx for Niall. Suddenly the Internet shut off and I freaked out trying to recover the page I needed him. I searched and searched but there was no sign of him. I curled up into a ball on the top bunk and cried until I heard my door slowly open. I quickly wiped my tears and looked up. I'd been trapped for years with this physcotic manic who kidnapped me when I was only 12 tomorrow was my 19th birthday. I looked at him in disgust and faced the wall trying to search for Niall. He had a 20 year old son who I'd been dating without him knowing.

"maybe I'd let you go if you paid attention to me." Jake said and poked me in the arm. 

"Jake!!" I whisper yelled and kissed his cheek.

"I'm doing everything in my power to get you out of here! Promise you and me together forever." He said and looked into my eyes.

"I don't know Jake." I said as I pushed my long blonde hair behind my ears.

"oh come on!"

"jake I don't know. I just want my mom and dad and my sister and I want a life I haven't been outside in years."

"I understand that."

"You wouldn't understand what it's like being locked up for your childhood." I began crying again. He climbed up next to me and held me in his muscular arms.

"please don't cry. I mean you have connection to the outside world on your iPod you have the Internet and you have music and virtual friends."

"yeah virtual how great Jake. You got to go to the mall with your friends you've lost your virginity to someone you loved not because some guy kidnapped and raped you. You know what grass smells like you feel the light breeze blowing by you have friends I don't now please just go." I said coldly.

He got up and left the room. I had enough of him and his father and this hell niall was my escape and now he's gone. I looked him up to find he's a big time celebrity.

"like he would ever love me." I whispered under my breath.

I hid my iPod under my mattress and cried into my pillow. 

I thought: do they even care about me?

I thought: will I ever get out? 

I thought: are they still even looking for me?

I pulled the blanket over my head and cried for hours. I grabbed my book and slowly began reading wiping my tears. I took out my sharpie I use to draw on the walls in my "room" which was the size of a closet. I wrote on the wall in my fanciest writing "if people were rain I'd be the drizzle and he'd be the hurricane" I capped the sharpie and laid back down on my bed looking at the writing on the ceiling. I grabbed my copy of The Fault in Our Stars and re read the book for the hundredth time. I wrote a new quote on my wall in sharpie "how do we get put of this labyrinth of suffering?" Then I wrote really big next to it "straight and fast" I touched the writing and thought of Alaska and Augustus. I laid down again and capped my sharpie hiding it with my iPod. I closed my eyes and fell asleep


"I'm free. IM FREE IM FINALLY FREE!" I searched and fell into the cops arms crying.

I felt the grass and I felt a tree. Then I saw my parents running towards me crying. They collapsed to their knees in front of me. I tried to touch them but my hand went right through them. I stepped back and saw I was in a cemetery.

"Mom dad I'm free I'm back I missed you so much!" I said and tried to hug them but I fell the ground holding nothing. 

"Mom I'm right here can't you hear me?" I asked crying hard on the floor. I turned around to see them crying in front of a grave. I walked in front of the grave and saw it was my grave. I wasn't free I was dead.

*waking up*

I jolted awake covered in sweat. I had to get out I didn't know how but I would get out.




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