I'm still breathing


1. Chapter 1


    I woke up to the sound of screaming fans. I yawned and sat up in my hotel bedroom. I slowly got up and put on some dark blue jeans and a white tank top. I grabbed a pair of socks and slowly put them on then grabbed my white converse and laced them up. I stood up and walked into the hall towards Liam's room. I ran back inside my room grabbing my phone then shut the door and continued on to Liam's room. I looked down at my Rolex watch and knocked on Liam's door. Liam stood there in his boxers looking down at me.

"Come in leprechaun boy." Liam said teasing

I took a seat next to window and sighed loudly perhaps a little to loudly.

"what's wrong Nialler?" Liam asked and sat across from me.

"it's the 5th night. I've searched xanonymousx all night looking for her again. She was perfect, Liam I just I don't know what to do. I mean I know what she looks like, but I want her to be mine. UGH!" I said and got up and collapsed on the bed looking up.

"Give it time."

"5 days Liam, 5 days." I said and held up 5 fingers  "I can't wait much longer I mean she's blonde, blue eyes, shorter than me, she's 19, she lives in America there's so much to her that makes her perfect. Liam we talked for 3 days when we found each other then I came on and nothing she left. I can't handl-"

"as I said Niall give it time we go to California in 2 days you'll find your girl then. What's her name again?"

"Liam u realize her name is 4 letters it's not that hard."

"UGH just tell me blonde!"

"First name Kate, I call her Katie, Last name Johns. I've searched her on twitter nothing, searched on Instagram nothing, Facebook nothing!"

"lemme try"

Liam started to type into his laptop and failed to find anything. I sighed loudly and slowly say up. I grabbed Liam's green beats and plugged them into my phone. I played some Linkin Park and left Liam's room. I walked over to Harry's room and knocked on the door. A girl answered the door and stood in front of me in her undergarments.

"ummmmm....I'm looking for Harry is he here?" I asked.

"yea ill get him for you." The blonde girl said and looked up and down at me. 

I took off the headphones and waited for Harry. In the background I saw Harry nude jumping into boxers.

"I'll come back another time." I said and she shut the door.

I went into my room and collapsed on the bed. I went on xanonymousx and searched for 5 hours for Kate. I needed her badly I felt I found my other half and she was ripped away from me. I played with my necklace as I sat with my laptop on my lap looking and looking and looking.

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