New Girl

"I'll make you mine before you go." He smirked and I blushed.

"Get up and make me yours." I licked my lips to the taste of blood


1. First day

Erika's P.O.V

I woke up to screaming and i just rolled my eyes. I opened my white wooden door and walked across the hallway. I turned my head and saw that my mom had a bloody nose, "Is he drunk already?" I asked leaning against the bathroom door. "Yes now get ready for school.'' I rolled my eyes and my mom walked past me holding her nose. "Mom why haven't you devorced him?" she smiled a little, "Sweetie don't worrie about it okay?" I just shrugged and walked in the bathroom.

I took a steaming shower and slipt out. I walked back to my tiny room and put on black skinny jeans, maroon long sleeve shirt with a big white F in the middle, I put on my black combat boots. I brushed my long dirty blonde hair that was mid back. I put light mascara on with some chapstick.

I walked into my parents room and saw my mom on the floor crying with a black eye and my dad with a beer bottle broken into different pieces of glass on the floor. He had a bloody fist and was laying on the floor knocked out. "I-I'm late for school.'' I turned away, "Good luck sweetie, hope you have a good first day.'' My mom said with snobs inbetween. I didn't turn to face and grabed my backpack. I felt a hot tear that burned my face drizzle down my cheek. I whipped it quickly and walked out my front door.


I pluged in my headphones in my mp3 player. I start to listen to wake me up by avicii. I walk to the parking lot of the high school and notice all these groups of kids having their own ''gang'' and leaving other people out. I hate that!!! I sat  down on a bench and changed the song to City of dreams by alesso. I saw people starting to walk in so i did as well.


I walked up to random person and tapped their shoulder, they quickly turned around and it was a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. I have to admit he's pretty hot. "Do you know where Mrs. Odell's office is?" I looked up at him because a really tall dude. "Are you that new girl from america?" i rolled my eyes, "Yeah, now where's the office?" I was so stressed out at that point. "I'm Harry Styles and you  are?" "I'm Erika Davis now where's the freaking office?!?" I yelled, He laughed at my anger. "Down the hall all the way then turn to your left stairs and the fifth door on your left." I rolled my eyes and walked off.


I slowly walked into the room. "Hi Mrs. Odell I'm Erika Davis." She looked up from her computure and smiled. "Yes of course!'' She opens her cabnet and grabbs a  piece of paper, "here is your schedule, now I know what happened at your old school in america and just know that if it happens here several times or even once the cops will be called and I know your already on probation." I rolled my eyes and snatched the paper from her hand and walked out looking for my first class.



I was walking to my  first class and felt a hit on my shoulder. i turn to my right and saw a girl on the floor. Her blue eyes are beautiful and her skin is perfect! I put my hand out and she takes it, ''sorry about that.'' she stands up and she's kinda short. ''Your Erika Davis right?" I pointed at her. "yeah...Do you know where Mr. Tommy's room is?" She handed me her paper and I looked at it. "It's your lucky day I have all the same classes as you.'' i smiled and her eyebrows rose. "cool so what does that mean?" She asked and i grined, "I'm going to walk with you to every class." She shrugged and just shook her head, "lead the way." she took a deep breath and faked a smile and you could just tell it was fake in some weird way.


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