Darcy's Diary

Dear diary, Tuesday, September 6th, 2034
Tommy looked at me weirdly today. I really like his blue eyes. Beautiful. I do like him. I think he likes me. But, we're only thirteen. And what do we know about love except from our parents. Oh no. My parents cannot find out I like Tommy. Especially dad. He'd kill him on the spot. I secretly hope he ask me out though. Please. Well, I have to go. My bestie, Savannah Horan, is over and I'm pretty sure she's peeking. Lol.

Love, Darcy Styles


2. Tommy T.

"Darcy c'mon! We're gonna be late!" Savannah called down the hall. Two minutes until the late bell rings. I sped up, the speed causing my brunette hair to flow behind me. We reached the classroom and went in quickly. Beep! Thank God. "Look at the Licketty lateys!" Tommy joked. Everyone laughed, even Savannah and I. "Shut up there Tinkly Tommo," I laughed. He burst out laughing. Yes! I made him smile! "That was a good one," Savannah fist pumped.

                                                               Two hours later..,

Tommy stood in front of me in the lunch line. "Darcy Elizabeth Styles," I answered his question about my full name. "That's a pretty name. But that Elizabeth part, that's my mom's name" he replied. "What's your full name?" I asked. "Thomas Harley Tomlinson," he answered. "Your middle name is my mom's name," I laughed. "Huh. That's odd. Who's your dad?" He questioned. "Harry Styles," I stated. "Oh my God!" He gasped. "What?" I was downright confused. "My dad is Louis Tomlinson!" He exclaimed. "Oh good Lord," I covered my mouth with my hands. "Okay we can still be like best friends," he explained. "And how shall we do that? Our dads are pretty much enemies now," I replied. "We can just be secret best friends," he smiled. "I guess we can be that," I agreed. "Yay!" He cheered and hugged me. He let go and blushed a little. "Uh sorry," he rubbed the back of his neck. "It's okay. We're besties," I fist pumped him. 

    Dear Diary,                                                                                     Tuesday September 7th, 2034

I found out something today. Tommy's father is LOUIS TOMlLINSON! Now, if you know my dad, he was in the band One Direction. Well, they broke up because of Louis wanted to have a regular family life. Dad didn't take that too well and has never spoken to the Tomlinsons since. Mom secretly talks to Aunt Lizzy everyday. That's where I got my middle name. Elizabeth. Anyway, they're secret best friends so why can't I have one??

                                                     Love, Darcy Styles

"Darcy! Savannah's here!!" Mom called. "Yay! Savannah!" I ran to the door and embraced her ina tight hug. "Okay crazy mofo I can't breathe," she gasped for air. I let go and she threw her bookbag on the couch. "Snack?" Mom placed cheese on the counter. "Yep," daddy grabbed one. "Harry you knew those were for the girls!" She smacked his arm. "Sorry babe," dad kissed mom's cheek. "Give," I pouted. He put it in my hand. "You guys are mean!" He stomped from the room like a five year old. Savannah laughed and took a bite of cheese. "Let's go to your room," she suggested. We ran upstairs and took out the computer. We skimmed through Facebook before lying down for a nap. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off into slumber...





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