Darcy's Diary

Dear diary, Tuesday, September 6th, 2034
Tommy looked at me weirdly today. I really like his blue eyes. Beautiful. I do like him. I think he likes me. But, we're only thirteen. And what do we know about love except from our parents. Oh no. My parents cannot find out I like Tommy. Especially dad. He'd kill him on the spot. I secretly hope he ask me out though. Please. Well, I have to go. My bestie, Savannah Horan, is over and I'm pretty sure she's peeking. Lol.

Love, Darcy Styles


6. The TreeHouse

"I can't believe we're actually gonna do this," I smiled. "Of course we are. You're my everything. We'll get through this together," Tommy grabbed my hand as he grabbed a Coke from the treehouse floor. "So, anymore music you'd like to show me?" He asked. "Ever listened to our dads and uncles sing their hearts out?" I grabbed my radio. "Actually, I haven't," he smiled. "Well aren't you in for a treat," I poked his cheek. He laughed as I put the Midnight Memories CD in. "You know, I dance," I whispered. "Really? Care to teach me Coach Styles?" He stood up and held out a hand. "Well certainly," I said in the most proper but funny way possible. "You and I" blast through the speakers. I grabbed his hands and put them on my waist. My arms wrapped around his neck. He looked into my eyes. Gosh his eyes were absolutely beautiful. Green circle around his pupil and blue in the rest. Mine were just emerald. "Listen to the words Tommy," I whispered and lay my head to his shoulder. He began to move himself. Together we moved in circles, holding each other. "That's my dad," I sighed as dad's part played. "And that right there, that's your dad," I smiled as it transitioned from Harry to Louis. "Really?" He was shocked. "Yes, really. You both sound similar. You have a beautiful voice Tommy," I held his hair in my fingers. "Not as beautiful as you," he whispered. My cheeks reddened with every word. I pressed my lips to his, him instantly kissing back. His lips were so soft, and I figured out now why mom and dad kiss all the time. Our lips broke away as my phone rang. "Hello?" I answered and Tommy wrapped his arms around me from behind. I giggled. "Darcy, come home now. Dinner is ready pumpkin," mom ordered. I sighed. "Okay mom. Love you too. Bye," I hung up. "What is it princess?" Tommy stood in front of me. "I have to get home," I grabbed my backpack. "Aww," he sighed. "I know. I'll see tomorrow though?" I asked. "Of course," he smiled. I jumped down and landed on my feet. So did Tommy. "Tomorrow then?" He grabbed my hand. "Tomorrow". Tomorrow, always a promise.

So sorry it's short xx 💚😘😘

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