Darcy's Diary

Dear diary, Tuesday, September 6th, 2034
Tommy looked at me weirdly today. I really like his blue eyes. Beautiful. I do like him. I think he likes me. But, we're only thirteen. And what do we know about love except from our parents. Oh no. My parents cannot find out I like Tommy. Especially dad. He'd kill him on the spot. I secretly hope he ask me out though. Please. Well, I have to go. My bestie, Savannah Horan, is over and I'm pretty sure she's peeking. Lol.

Love, Darcy Styles


4. The Tomlinsons

I was outside with Tommy. Dad let me off the grounded thing so now I can hang with friends. He thinks I'm with Savannah. Ha! 

                      "I'm gonna get you!" Tommy yelled, running after me. I had taken his Coke-a-Cola away. He LOVES Coke-a-Cola. "No you won't!" I laughed and ran into his backyard. 

                     "Hello Darcy," Mrs. Tomlinson smiled. "Hello Mrs. Tomlinson". "May I speak to you a moment?" she asked. "Sure," I replied and walked over to her. I set the Coke down. "Okay. No more lies. I know you're Darcy Styles," she whispered. I gulp, trying to clear the knot that now settled in my throat. "N- no I'm not," I lied. "Harley Styles is my best friend. She says her daughter Darcy has a best friend named Tommy. Tommy Thompson. Now, you don't have a brother, you told us you were an only child. So, the only explanation is, you're Darcy Styles," she explained. "Aunt Lizzy, I'm sorry I lied," I sighed. "Oh Darcy!" she hugged me tight. "You caught us?" Tommy stated. Liz nodded. "Great. Thanks Darcy. We can't be friends now!" he threw his Coke to the ground. "Tommy, what do you mean?" I asked. "Once my dad finds out, we're dead," he ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sure your mother won't te-" I turned and saw Liz has disappeared into the house. "What?!" I heard someone yell from inside. "Oh crap. That's my dad," Tommy looked to me worriedly. "Come on," I grabbed his hand and ran into the woods. We ran further until we reached my treehouse. I climbed the ladder and helped Tommy up. "What is this?" he looked around at the posters of the Beatles on the walls. "Daddy built this for me. He said if I ever go to the woods and get lost, I go here," I smiled. He smiled back. "Want to listen to music?" I asked, pulling out my CD and stereo. "I don't know. Dad banned it from the time I was 2 years old," he rubbed the back of his neck. "You can't listen to music?!" my jaw dropped. He nodded. "Well, prepare to hear the best sound of your life," I pressed play. "Hey There Delilah, what's it like in New York City? I'm a thousands miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty," the music played through the headphones I placed on his head. He listened to it 3 times before he started to sing. He was amazing.

                                           Ring! Ring! We turned the music off as his phone rang. "Hello," he answered nervously. "Okay," he hung up. "I have to get home. And my dad would like to meet you," he looked up at me. I grabbed his hand and we climbed down the ladder. We ran out of the woods and into his front yard. "There you are!" Johannah yelled. Her blue and green, dip dyed hair, flew through the air as she ran to us."Yay! Tom Tom's home!" Delilah ran to us, her brunette hair bounced on her shoulders. "Where have you been?!" a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes stepped up to Tommy and I. "We were in Darcy's treehouse dad," he sighed. Mr. Tomlinson. "So, you're that dumbass's daughter," he crossed his arms. "Dad, lay off. She's my best friend," Tommy protested. "Well, she doesn't need to be! I have told you a million times to stay from the Styles family!" Louis yelled. "Dad, she's really a good kid. She's fun," Johannah stated. "I don't care. I never want you to speak to her again, Tommy. Darcy, I would like you to go home," Mr. Tomlinson explained. "No dad!" Tommy's eyes filled with tears. "It's fine Tommy. I- I'll go home," I whispered. "Wait!" he ran and hugged me tightly. I buried my face in his neck. "You are the music in me," he whispered as he let go. I walked down the driveway. As I came near the end, I looked back to see Tommy staring at me. "I love you," he mouthed. "I love you too".

                                            I approached my home five minutes later. I opened the door and mom hugged me tight. "I know what happened. Lizzy told me. Oh baby I know it hurts now, but you'll get over it," she rubbed my back. I shook my head, "I love him". "Darcy, just go in  your room and distract yourself. You'll have forgotten about him at dinner time," she sent me up the stairs. I grabbed my diary from the top drawer and flipped to the first clear page. I grabbed my pen and wrote. 

               Dear Diary,                                                               Thursday, September 9th, 2034

                                I'm crushed. Tommy has been banned from speaking to me. And this is the time I come to realize how much I really love him. I have showed him music. He has a beautiful voice and has now just noticed. I played "Hey There Delilah" and he liked it. He whispered to me that I am the music in him. That was the last time I heard his voice. It has only been a short while but I already miss him like crazy. I need him.

                                                                                                   Love, Darcy Styles xoxo

                                                 "DARCY STYLES!" I heard my dad scream from downstairs. I ran down and stood in front of him. "Have you been with Tommy Tomlinson the whole time?" he gritted his teeth. I looked down and nodded, tears falling. "I told you we don't talk to those Tomlinsons!" he yelled. "I'm sorry daddy," I whispered. "Come here," he spread his arms out. I hugged him and he kissed my forehead. "Just try not to go near his dad, okay?" Dad rubbed my back. I nodded. Thank you. Please talk to me Tommy.....

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