Darcy's Diary

Dear diary, Tuesday, September 6th, 2034
Tommy looked at me weirdly today. I really like his blue eyes. Beautiful. I do like him. I think he likes me. But, we're only thirteen. And what do we know about love except from our parents. Oh no. My parents cannot find out I like Tommy. Especially dad. He'd kill him on the spot. I secretly hope he ask me out though. Please. Well, I have to go. My bestie, Savannah Horan, is over and I'm pretty sure she's peeking. Lol.

Love, Darcy Styles


3. Secrets

   "Darcy! Over here!" Tommy called. He hid behind a tree with a basket in his hands. I ran over and laughed as I reached him. "It worked. They think I'm with Savannah," I whispered. "Cool. I brought food," he exclaimed. "Yay! Food!" I cheered. "Do Harley and Harry know where you are?" he asked. I nodded. "I'm just scared because they actually have time alone. If you know what I mean," I nudged his arm. He burst out laughing and dropped the basket. "Hey dropping food!" I yelled. "Dad said if the girl loves food, drop it," he laughed. "I don't think you understood what he actually meant," I gave him a look. "You think really negative ya know that," Tommy stated. "I got it from our moms," I replied. 

                                                        He set a blanket down on the grass and placed food around it. We sat down and started to talk. "So, do you have any brothers or sisters?" he asked. "No. Only one," I took a slice of pizza. "Oh. I have an older sister and a younger sister," he took a coke. "What are their names?" I questioned. "Johannah is the oldest and Delilah is the little one. She's only three and she is definitely attached to her older brother," he smiled. "They sound great. Do you really think we can keep this friendship a secret?" I asked. "Absolutely. I'm not gonna lose you," he whispered. I blushed a little. "Oooo mommy said no secrets!!" We turned to see a little girl standing there with her arms crossed. "Delilah, go home and do not speak of what you saw," Tommy ordered. "Nope. I'll tell mommy and daddy!" Delilah started running. "Run we have to catch her!" He sprinted. I got up and joined him. We ran and ran until we came to a big house. A lady appeared through the front door. "Delilah. What is it? Who is this?" She looked to me. Tommy hesitated. "Tommy, who is it?"

    Dear Diary,                                                                            Wednesday, September 8th, 2034

                       Well, today Tommy and I got caught. We chased his little sister all the way back to his house. His mom asked who I was. Luckily, Tommy said I was Darcy Thompson. I even ate food over there and played with Johannah. After a few minutes, I went home to find my dad furious. He asked where I had been and I told him Savannah wanted to play longer. I still got grounded and now I can't see Tommy except for at school. Wow I'm gonna miss him. Savannah can come to the house though. So I won't be all alone. Wish me luck. 

                                                                                                       Love, Darcy Styles xx

"Darcy! Phone!" Mom called. I ran down and picked it up. "Hey Savannah," I sighed. "It's Tommy. Your mom said you were grounded. Are you okay?" He asked. "Tommy! How did you get my number?!" I whisper yelled. "Savannah," he replied. "Okay. Well I'm good. Sorry I can't see you," I apologized. "It's cool. Oh crap. I have to go. My dad just got home. Bye, love you," h hung up. Love you! He said he loved me. It was probably just an accident. Right?..


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