Darcy's Diary

Dear diary, Tuesday, September 6th, 2034
Tommy looked at me weirdly today. I really like his blue eyes. Beautiful. I do like him. I think he likes me. But, we're only thirteen. And what do we know about love except from our parents. Oh no. My parents cannot find out I like Tommy. Especially dad. He'd kill him on the spot. I secretly hope he ask me out though. Please. Well, I have to go. My bestie, Savannah Horan, is over and I'm pretty sure she's peeking. Lol.

Love, Darcy Styles


1. Hello I'm Darcy

                  "Welcome home baby! How was school?" Mom hugged as I walked to the door. It was my first day as a 6th grader and had been scared for a month. "Not as bad as I thought," I nodded. "Is Savannah in your class?" My mom asked of my best friend.  "Yeah! We had the best time at lunch!" I cheered. "Darcy Styles. What did you do?" She got suspicious. "We just had a little fun with chicken nuggets," I batted my long eyelashes against my cheekbones. "Darcy! Why did you do it?" She rubbed her forehead. "This girl threw mashed potatoes at Savannah. I couldn't let someone get away with that!" I exclaimed. "Just go to the table," she sighed. I walked into the kitchen to see the table with plates of my favorite foods. I took a seat next to dad's chair at the head of the table. Mom sat in front of me while talking on the phone. "Your daddy said he was pulling up," she set her phone down. Suddenly the door burst open. "I'm home my beautiful girls!" Daddy cheered. "Yay!" I yelled and hugged him tight. "Hey baby," mama kissed him. 

                              "How's Savannah?" Dad asked as we finished our meal. "She's good," I answered, sipping my tea. "Okay. I think it's time to go to bed. But! Before that, here you go baby girl," dad handed me a book. I flipped the pages. All blank. A dairy. "Thanks daddy," I kissed his cheek and headed to my room. I changed into my pajamas and got into the bed. I took out my pen and tested the ink. Perfect. I flipped to the first page. 

                     Dear Diary,                                                Sunday, September 6th, 2034

      Hello! My name is Darcy Elizabeth Styles. I am 12 years old and live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. My parents are Harley and Harry Styles. My best friend is Savannah Horan. Enough with the facts. So, I got you today from my dad. I guess I can try to write in here everyday. If I miss a day, don't get mad. I probably have a good explanation. Today, I made a new friend. His name is Tommy and he's really funny. Class clown. He's the male clown and I'm the female clown. I think his last name is Thompson or um, Tomlinson! That's it! Tommy Tomlinson. Well, I'm gonna go now. I'm tired.

                                                         Love, Darcy Styles.

I put the pen and book away. I covered myself in the blanket and laid my head against the pillow. I closed my eyes and drifted to slumber.....

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