Water is everywhere

Water can be found everywhere

In the sky and in between your hair

Water can cause sadness like on a rainy day

Or it can cause laughter to come a may

Some water is I'm your pool

Some water is doggy's drool!

Either way, water is enjoyed by all

From summer, to spring, and winter, to fall

Every one enjoys splashing in the rain

But some people, water can represent pain

Either way water is here and is far from dumb

But one thing to ask your self, where did water come from?

Is it from the wonderful sky that brings is glee

Or the depressing depths of the bewildering sea?

Don't ponder on the question too long, tell me if you do

But I know the answer, it is inside of you!

Don't believe me look it up, I guarantee I'm right

From every animal, to human, and yes even the bravest knight

You see water is found everywhere

From the sky and in between your hair

To understand this all might be a little tough

But remember, water water water we can never have enough!!

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