The Teen Idle Princess (Harry Styles and Marina & The Diamonds)

Marina Diamandis is 17 year old a princess that lives in Abergavenny in the UK, starts emailing a American 17 year old boy named Harry who lives in L.A.. Marina's dad is moving to L.A. and she has to leave her old princess life and become a "normal" girl. Marina starts going to Harry's school but no one knows that she's actually a princess and Harry has never seen her before. What will happen?



2. ♡ THE TRIP ♡


                                ♡ MARINA'S P.O.V ♡


"Hello Marina." My father said. "Hello." I said back. I headed for the trunk of the car and started putting all of my bags inside and taking out my purse and my song writing book. I opened the car door got inside to the back seat and as soon as I shut the door we started driving. I looked at window seeing everything that I was leaving be hided. 


" you been?" He said making me lose my thoughts and coming back to life. "Lonely." I said still staring out the window. 


All my life I've been so lonely
All in the name of being holy



⋆Harry's P.O.V. ⋆



Hiiiiiiiiii primadonna did you get here yet ? H.


I was really happy that Primadonna was coming to L.A. to live here with her dad. I'll probably finally get to see what she looks like. 



'That was really fast' I thought. I picked up my phone to see I got a text from my good old friend Niall. 


Nialler: Harold where r u ? U were suppose t meet us at t soccer field ! 

Shit! I was so excited and caught up with Primadonna that I totally lost track of everything.

Don't worry your little ass off Nialler, I'm coming right nowwwwww H.

I grabbed my coat and started walking to the field.



♡ marina's p.o.v ♡


"Marina...Honey...We're here...wake up." My father said shaking me to wake up. I must have feel asleep. It was dark and cold out and we weren't in Wales anymore.. we were actually here. 



Hiiii. I'll probably write short chapter for the first 5. But Now Marina's in L.A. oooo 




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