You Changed Me


2. He's So Obnoxious

*Eli's P.O.V.* I walked into the Chemistry class and took a seat next to Jade. I pecked her and Jarred Looked at us and made a gag face. Just then Ms. Parker came in and everyone went into there " I'm a bored ass student," faces. Just as we were gonna start talking about the nitrogen bases someone knocked on the door. Ms. Parker opened the door and all i saw was a tall, skinny kid with messy brown hair walked in. The first thing that hit my mind was " Another douche like Jarred to bother our exsistance." I couldn't help but glare at him. Suddenly i caught his eye, and i felt shivers run down my spine. I've. Never felt this before. It's Fucking strange. He gave Ms. Parker a note and then he sat in the empty chair behind me. I felt Jades warm hand on top of mine and let out a smile. "You okay?" She asks me. "Yea......just dozed off." I reply planting a soft kiss on her lips. She's so beautiful I'm so lucky to be with her. The bell rings and everyone dashes out the door. Me and Jade hold hands and walk to the cafeteria for lunch. We walked to our usual table in the back table in the far corner. Then Jade spotted the new kid and pointed at him. "Do you think should invite him sit with us." She asks in her cute Puerto Rican accent. I raised an eyebrow for a second, but I decided it wasn't really bad. "Sure babe." She got up and walked to the confused junior standing in the middle of the cafeteria. Then they were on there way towards our table. He looked t me and I quickly looked at the floor as and a smile sneaked out. He sat next to me and Jade sat on the other side of me. "This is Louis," she said,"he's from Britain. Can you believe it." *Louis' P.O.V.*
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