The Contest That Brought Them Together

Nina is 17 and her and her friend won a contest what hapens when one of the boys fals for her Read To Find Out HeHeHe:)


4. what we have

hey hope you lovelys like it so far but stay tuned because your going to like what happens between harry and nina


when i woke up it was 11:34 and i was still in harrys arms and i willgeled out and went to the bathroom when i was done i went back to my room and harry wasn't there i started to get upset because i remembered my sister then harry came in and saw i was crying and set the stuff he had on the bedside table and rushed up to me and asked what was wrong and i couldn't speak he asked if i wanted to watch a movie and i shrugged he got up and i grabbed his arm and he said he was just getting his computer so i sat there and when he came back he said we were going to watch love actually i was happy because i love that movie we got under the covers and harry set the movie up he put his arm around my waist and i laded my head on his chest i soon fell asleep to the sound of harrys steady heart beat 


     ok so we need to get milk cereal bread sope popceicals and jacob whatch out AAAaHHHh     

                                                                           ''time skip''

      nina your sisster is dead ''replay 2x'' you sisster is dead your sisster is dead 

         no she cant be shes my best friend why ? 

                                                                       '' evial laugh'' 

        its all your falut its your fault shes dead if you wouldent have left it would have been you HHHaaaa

                                                                      ''back to reallatiy''

   i woke up in a cold sweat and screamed and was breathing heavilly i didnt mean to wake harry but he woke up and held me close and asked me what was wrong i couldent speak i was to upset but harry soon callmed me down by rubbing my back and wispering calming things in my ear ''i'm sorry harry i didnt really want to wake you but 'sobs' im just sorry'' ''dont be im here for you and i promis if you need anything im here for you '' ''harry'' yeah'' '' if i told you i trully loved you would you feel the same'' nina look at me'' i looked at harry and he pashitoly kissed me ''does that answer you queshton'' i smieled and said i love you harry and he said i love you too we soon fell asleap  

ninas frends pov

    i woke up to go ask Nina for her vanilla hair wash for when i take a shower and when i went into her room i didn't see flowiy hazel hair i saw curly brown locks so i thought i would infesagate i went to all the rooms and woke up all the boys so they could help but when i got to Harry's room know one was in there so i got suspicious and went in Nina's room and i could just barley see the person in the bed was Harry we all ooowwwed and aaawwwed and harry was waking up so we went in the living room and played it cool


Nina's p.o.v 

   I woke up and saw Harry was gone and i got up to use the bathroom and when i walked into the bathroom Harry was brushing his teeth and i hugged him from behind and said "i'm sorry"what for?"that i yelled at you yesterday"no you don't say sorry i should say sorry because you said not to look and i did" he turned around when he finished brushing his teeth and looked down at me and said in a baby voice "i'm sorwy" i giggled and we were slowly moving closer and harry shut the door and we kissed we walked out of the bathroom thank god know one was near i went to change and i grabbed my cloths and i went to the bathroom changed and went in the living room and i saw harry on the couch and he said that the boys and ally (my friend i just got the name so yeah) went to get breakfast i sat on the couch and harry asked me"Nina i was thinking would... go out we me tonight like not a date but like friends we can see a movie or something"yes i would love to Harold he looked straight at me with the most serious face and said my name is not Harold its bond James bond i was dying on the floor then the boys and ally came back and saw i was laughing and ally said "harry you killed her " and everyone was laughing too.


 (a.n) sorry i didn't know how to end it so yup you guys will love the next chapter:) ;) bye bye

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