The Contest That Brought Them Together

Nina is 17 and her and her friend won a contest what hapens when one of the boys fals for her Read To Find Out HeHeHe:)


5. the best day of my life

hey so i'm sorry i haven't been updating lately iv been busy and i will start  updating on my other book so yup and like i said lats chapter you will love this one :)


             "so i'm still going crazy that harry asked me out and yeah i now its just as friends but still i really like him and i'm going crazy because i have nothing to wear can you pleas help" Nina i'm your best friend of course i'm going to help and i have a good idea of what you should wear" me and ally go to my room and she says ok so you know your pink and black dress the flowey one you wore to my aunts wedding?" yeah why?" did you bring it?" yeah" ok get it out" i did as i was told and ally asked me what time the date was and i said "harry said he would be taking me at 7:30" ok so we have one hour to get you ready" i gave ally the dress and went to take a shower when i got out ally was there with all the make-up she had brought she told me to sit and she curled my hair and just put light make-up on me and when i was done i put the dress on i was glad it wasn't to dressy it was more of just a playful dress so when we were done we saw it was 7:28 so i put some flowery toms on and cheeked how i looked once more and went into the lounge and saw harry and when he saw me his jaw just about touched the ground and he looked perfect "wow Nina you look gorges" well thank you" now you have to call me gorges" hahah harry you look stunning" well thank you" we headed out the door and hoped into his car and left i didn't know  were harry was taking me so i just sat there and gazed in different spots

                                                                        *skip car ride*

                           the first place we went was nandos "really harry"what they have good food and this isn't the inter date he gave me a wink and right then and there it hit me him saying date and winking i had a huge grin on my face and i got snapped back to reality when harry was talking to me "huh" "harry giggles" "what!" oh nothing "harry tell me" fine its just well when you don't know whats going on you just have the best face ever" oh you know you love me " and that i do " he then gave me a butterfly  kiss and asked if i was done i said "yes " and we left and i asked harry if i can turn the radio on and he said sure and when i turned it on story of my life was on and harry instantly  started to sing at one point i turned the radio off while story of my life was on and  harry didn't even notice that it was off and was still singing i started to laugh and the song 'ended' well he ended it "what!" oh nothing" okay come on i told you so you tell me" fine its just you do know i turned the radio off whilst you were singing" oh i know its just i thought you would like me karaoke version" oh i did"
oh hey were are we going "its a surprise" he looked at me a huge grin  


(A.N) hey well all i got to say is you are going to love the next chapter and in i think 2 or 3 chapters just a heads up something sad is going to happen again but yup all i have to say by my lovelys:)

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