The Contest That Brought Them Together

Nina is 17 and her and her friend won a contest what hapens when one of the boys fals for her Read To Find Out HeHeHe:)


2. off to new york

hey before we start i just want to say i fixed the spacing problem so ok by


"no" you weren't soposed to see that then he looks me in the eyes and i cant resist to look so big green and adorable so then my friend walks in and asks if were leaving so i say "yes" and me and harry walk out of the room i say by to my mom and tell her ill call if there's any problems so then we are off to New York we hope in the van and head to the airport it takes a while to get through all the fans and to get on the plane but we make it in one piece so harry sits next to me and my friend sits next to Niall and i dont know about the other boys i text my friend because im bored but her phone is of so i just sit there.then the sun starts to go down and harry was asleep and the way he was siting was pefect so i got my scetch book out and drew him then i fell aslep and forgot to put my book back


when harry wakes up he looks at me and he sees that i have my book out and looks in it and smiles and puts it back in my lap and wakes me up i ask what time it is he says 5:46 and i smile because we are just about time to land we get off first me and harry then my friend and Niall then Louis Liam and Zayn we head to the lobby and find our driver we get to ride in a limo when we get to the hotel we have to run through more fans i think one stoll liams shoe eh the room is at the top floor and thers just enough rooms so we each got our own it was almost 11 so we just ored a pizza and talked a little and setteld is so when we were done we went to bed


the next day we had allot of planes so we went to nandos and played just dance and had lots of fun we went sight seeing and so then it started to get dark so we headed home and watched a movie and i noticed that Niall was eating the leftovers from yesterday so i giggled and he noticed me looking at me and said what with his mouth full and i lost it but i calmed down and when the movie was over so i went to my room and when i was about to go get my pj's harry comes in and closes the door and grabs my shoulders and asks why i draw him so much and i look at my bag and say you looked and i just went off on him i told you not to look and you did i thought i could trust you and now i know i cant and i swer i saw a tear i then pushed him out and went to bed


HEY if you like ill be updateing soon so yup your going to like what happens next so by

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