The Contest That Brought Them Together

Nina is 17 and her and her friend won a contest what hapens when one of the boys fals for her Read To Find Out HeHeHe:)


3. my hero

hey guys and gals this chapter is a little sad but it gets better and happier


   The next day when i woke up i went and took a shower when i was done i went into the living room to see what we were going to do today they said we have a lot of planes but its a surprise so when we got to our first destination i noticed we were at a bowling ally so i was exited once we got in and were ready to start bowling i got a text(m,me


mo hey nina what are you doing right now?

m bowling why?

mo when are you going to be back home? 

m umm i dont know why?

mo well just call me when you get home ok

m ok love you:)

                                                                         *time skip*                                           

wow that was a fun day when we got home the boys said that they had a foot ball game to go to and harry said "i don't know guys i don't really feel well so ill just stay home" "ok harry be a butt but ha-ha i said but twice " niall shut up and lets go god" so they left and harry went into his room and i went to mine and i almost forgot to call my mom (

m hey mom you wanted me to call you

mo oh yes um before i tell you what you might have to sit down

m umm ok im siting now what

mo well there was a car accident 

m so 

mo your sister was in that car and so was your brother 

m and 

mo *sobs* y...our si.ster well s.he died and your brother is in a coma

m what!!!!! no no she cant be dead shes my best friend 

i dropped my phone and just fell i was screaming no no no no and harry came in and asked why i was screaming and i couldnt speak so i just kept saying no and harry was triying to get me to calm down but it wouldt work he picked me up bridal styel and took me and sat me on my bed and layed down with me triyeing to calm me and i just cryed into his chest and i fell asleep like 20 minutes later because he was rubbing my back and whispering things into my ear that calmed me down that was the first night i fell in love harry

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