Who Am I

Its about MEEEEE


1. Me

There I was eating a peanut and jelly sandwich Ewww never mind lets change that sandwich. There I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich and I realized that I was getting OLD. That frightened me and so I made a biography of Me. Some of these details might be wrong because I don't have the greatest memory so its really a liebiography. Lets start here. I was born  and then I skipped a few years till I was four. I grew up fast back in the old days there was this potion that babies use to drink that made them forget there baby years. So at the age of four I started to play the violin and the piano. I know a shocker. So then skip some more years I was 13 years old and grew a beard and a wrinkles I got old. So I wonder how girls get so much facial hair at the age of 13. I felt like I was 80 but who cares I'm still 13 and old.

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