Used to Be

(If you find gore and blood as green mature then welcome to my side, bros)
Alice used to be a quiet child. In the 1920's, life was simple for her. A simple childhood with a rich family for a small town school. She was strangely lonely. At home she was bright, but with people around, especially in school, she planned the death for everyone of them. No one knew the psychotic plots she conjured in her mind. One family felt an unholy presence around her, as if the devil was her companion. The day her house set fire because of a mentally ill stranger, she screamed the words of sin aloud. Her family perished with a terrified look. As of today, the new little town has turned into a city and she haunts the streets. You would think people would run, but with her roaming around, there's nowhere to hide.


4. Later On

  *Jesi's P.O.V*

  (Weeks later)

  So the foundation was set and the walls were finally up. We cleaned it up and got the ashes out. I made a deal with him that I would clean the dirt and burnt wood, if he managed the devastating basement. I took one look down there, and almost decided to run to Canada. It looked like a torture prison down there. There were iron bars, a butcher bar with old, dark brown blood splatters on the counter. At least, I think it was blood. The old boiler looked like it was holding deceased bodies. I had goosebumps. The hairs on the back of my neck raised as the strong breeze almost pushed me down the stairs. Someone, or something wanted me down there. I could feel it...


A/N: Sorry guys for such being gone so long..I may have forgotten my movella password! Teehee. I hope you enjoyed this short chapter. I might finish chapter 5 tonight! ~Beanie

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