Used to Be

(If you find gore and blood as green mature then welcome to my side, bros)
Alice used to be a quiet child. In the 1920's, life was simple for her. A simple childhood with a rich family for a small town school. She was strangely lonely. At home she was bright, but with people around, especially in school, she planned the death for everyone of them. No one knew the psychotic plots she conjured in her mind. One family felt an unholy presence around her, as if the devil was her companion. The day her house set fire because of a mentally ill stranger, she screamed the words of sin aloud. Her family perished with a terrified look. As of today, the new little town has turned into a city and she haunts the streets. You would think people would run, but with her roaming around, there's nowhere to hide.


3. Dusty Crap

  *Jesi's P.O.V*

  I don't think I've ever had as much hate for an old building like this one. The inside looked like a city dump. There wasn't even much of an inside! There was mold running around the walls and holes everywhere. As soon as you walk in, the end wall isn't even there. The smell of bodies clinged to the house. Deceased bodies. I needed fresh air so I walked out to the front. Of course this hasn't been cared for in centuries. This worthless piece of crap was engulfed in trees. It's like someone just randomly decided to build a three story house in the middle of a forest. How did my parents find this place?

  I took a deep breath and walked back in to see my mom holding Nate close to her body.

  "I told you I hated surprises, Chris."

"It's a fixer-upper!"

  "When I say a "fixer-upper" I mean a building that at least has all the walls in place. This is dangerous, I am going to a hotel so my kids to get contaminated from this mold and killed by burnt wood falling."

  She cringed her nose and tip-toed passed the ashes and black wood scattered across the floor. 

  "Veer succes!"  (Good Luck in Dutch)

  My dad sighed and grabbed his tools and mask. I felt bad so I grabbed a mask and gloves with him.

  "Sorry, Dad."

"It's fine, but after this house is finished, she'll regret every word."

  "How much potential did you find in this place? How did you even know this existed?"

"My buds, you know James and Ryan, trudged through the forest and ventured to this place. I wanted a place that would give me a challenge to fix, and this fit the description. Apparently, your mother needs the home to have move-in ready furniture for it to be decent for her."

  "I'll help, Dad. As long as I don't see any scary monsters, or whatever!"

  We both chuckled and went to work.

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