Used to Be

(If you find gore and blood as green mature then welcome to my side, bros)
Alice used to be a quiet child. In the 1920's, life was simple for her. A simple childhood with a rich family for a small town school. She was strangely lonely. At home she was bright, but with people around, especially in school, she planned the death for everyone of them. No one knew the psychotic plots she conjured in her mind. One family felt an unholy presence around her, as if the devil was her companion. The day her house set fire because of a mentally ill stranger, she screamed the words of sin aloud. Her family perished with a terrified look. As of today, the new little town has turned into a city and she haunts the streets. You would think people would run, but with her roaming around, there's nowhere to hide.


1. Alice's Death

  Alice was a beautiful little girl. She was around twelve when she started to look deep into her heart. Her cold, killer heart.

  Living in a small worthless town, she went to a cheap school like the brat she is. Her beauty masks her true self. Thus making it easier to be less expected to plot evil and seductive ways to kill.

  On a chilly night, she slept quietly with the dreams any person would be horrified to listen about. A sickly man was limping around her house, drousing it in a great amount of gasoline. He poured much of it on his face and burned his pupils to a scream. As he shook vigorously, he lit a small match and lit his face. The man crashed into the wall of the girl's house and small flames followed the marks of gas. The girl awoke to be astonishingly sweaty. Around her, the room flickered a blood red and harvest orange. She screamed out, then shockingly laughed maniacally. Her parents ran in to her room, a pair of sweaty old adults and unfortunately screamed. Their daughter was a madman. She laughed and grabbed a knife cutting her delicate facial skin. The parents ran off, but sadly were killed by a falling, wooden post from their roof. The girl burned and smiled, her soul now apart of the property to haunt.

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