Trying to Heal

***Sequel to "Scars"*** Daisy has been kidnapped by her old father and her new family, friends, and boyfriend have no clue what they need to do or how to even find her again. Even if they'll find her alive. They all just want her back home.


1. Prologue


I was Daisy Miller, then I was Daisy Flowers, now I’m Daisy Moore. But I think I might be back to Daisy Miller, a part of my life that I was trying to hide from the Moore family that adopted me months ago and my boyfriend that has managed to put up with me, and a boy that looks like my little brother Sam Miller. But now he was back, Dave Miller. He’s hurt me so much and now he’s stabbed me and kidnapped me. I’m not sure what he’ll do to me though. He could do anything to me now that he has me back.

I miss Marcel so much. I feel like I might have disappointed him now.

I miss Ashton too. I feel like that’s bad to say because he has feelings for me.

I miss Niall. A boy that looks so much like Sam, the boy that Dave killed years ago.

I miss the family that adopted me because they actually cared and wanted what was best for me.

I miss the rest of my boys because they were my true friends.

But as I miss everything I’m here laying in the back of this van bleeding out, and not even sure how much longer I’ll be able to make it.

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