Birthday Presents Gone Wild

Tay's Birthday is coming up and she's expecting a big party. but could this be more than she asked for?



"TAY" I heard from upstairs. "COMING" I yelled back. I ran upstairs to see my mum holding a big laundry basket full of clothes waiting at the door of her room. I giggled before pulling the handle and opening he door. Just then the phone rang. "I'll grab it" I say before running downstairs to get the phone. "Hello?" I answer. "Hey Tay". I hear the voice of my best friend, Liv. "Heey Liv" i reply. "Are you busy on this beautiful Friday afternoon?" I hear Liv ask."Nope not at all" I replied. "Ok good because I'm outside your door." I laugh before running to the door. I opened it to see Liv waiting there. She comes in right away and heads up to my room. I give a small chuckle before following her. "So your birthday is on Friday" she started. i nod. "Ok" she says shortly before changing the subject. "I feel like shopping..." i start. "Then what are we waiting for?" Liv screamed. This is why I love her. I grab my purse on the way out. We walked to the small shopping mall two blocks from my house. We barge inside and walk directly to Claire's. We look inside for a while. I decide on a small purse and Liv gets a flowery bow. I wanted to go into Ardene's next but Liv wanted to go across the mall hallway to the Apple store. I was still looking at the dresses but Liv came in and pulled me by my arm out of the store. I saw she had a small bag from Apple but she didn't tell me what it was. Suddenly i bumped into a boy who wasnt paying attention. I fell on the ground and the guy just walked past me! I couldn't believe it! What kind of guy would do that?! Liv helped me up right away. I gave a 'humph' Liv linked our arms and we skipped down to the other side of the mall.

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