Birthday Presents Gone Wild

Tay's Birthday is coming up and she's expecting a big party. but could this be more than she asked for?


3. just fooling around.

As soon as I got home I ran up the stairs into my room with Liv at my heels. I grabbed my door handles and opened them. Liv sat down in my blue bed spread watching me sort through outfits that I could wear tomorrow. Sure it was just a coffee but still. I tried on all the cute dresses I thought would be good and finally decided on a black, purple, blue and pink flower dress. I also grabbed black flats. I put all the stuff on my dresser. "Now what" Liv asked. "BLACK OPS!" I screamed. We raced to my basement. Liv grabbed the black control she always used and I grabbed my white one. Once we got bored we went to the fridge. We made sandwiches for ourselves. Then we went to a different room in the basement where it was a big open space with a mat floor. Me and Liv were cheerleaders for our school team so we used this room to practice. She got into her flips she has been working on and I worked on my back hand spring. Later on into a made up routine that included hitting butts livs mom called and said she had to go back home. Once she left I looked at my outfit. I decided that I would just leave my hair natural which was wavy. Also for makeup I would just put some eyeliner. I went to bed feeling good.

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