Birthday Presents Gone Wild

Tay's Birthday is coming up and she's expecting a big party. but could this be more than she asked for?


2. Again?!

"So what's in the bag?" i demanded. "Not telling" she responded with looking at me. It was already 4:00 and we were just finishing shopping. We were just making our way out the doors, into the parking lot the same man bumped into me! This time i didn't fall but i stopped the man before he could walk away. I grabbed his wrist and when he looked at me and i instantly regretted holding him back from wherever this strange boy was going. "Ehm do i know you?" He said in the sweetest Irish accent I had ever heard! I lost my grip on his wrist. Liv gave me a small pinch. I quickly snapped out of the trance and remembered that this jerk had pushed me and i had fallen. "You bumped m m me" I said looking at his face and i just couldn't be mad at hid adorable face. "Did I?" He answered sweetly. "Yea but its totally ok because i am so sure that you were not looking and i was just being me, clumsy old me" I said, eyes wide. He gave the cutest little laugh you have ever heard and apologized. " I am so sorry, I must have been rushing somewhere. Can i offer you a coffee?" "I would love a coffee" I replied, shaking. "Great, when can u meet?" "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! All the 7 days of the week!" I replied clumsily. He gave a strange look at Liv. She shrugged and he giggled. Well how is tomorrow?" He asked. "Tomorrow is totally fantastic!" "Great! Lets meet at the Starbucks near pet smart?" "ok" I said before a group of random girls cam charging toward us! "Well im so sorry! I would love to stay and chat with you in the.. parking lot. haha. but i have to go" He said before running to the other side of the parking lot. "Aaah." I let out. Liv burst out in giggles. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" she said then we started our walk home.



Ok so are you enjoying the book? 


So who is this strange boy?

what will happen tomorrow?

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