One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


10. With Niall

Charlottes POV

I  Wake up and it's morning I gabbed a my bookbag and put put cloths inside there. I'm planing to runaway after what happened. I pack more stuff that I need and left my mum wasn't awake so I left. As I'm walking out I see Niall its kinda a surprise to me I'm not burning because of the sun so that means I'm a daylight vampire. Niall comes towards me and I start running really fast I'm so surprised right know. I finally lost Niall and went to Emma's house. But no one was there so I sat on the side walk crying.

“Why are you crying” I hear a familiar voce and I turned around and it's Niall 

“Niall why does Toni Hates me” I say sobbing 

 “Idk babe but come live with me please.” He said 

“I will,  Niall I love you” I said 


Niall's POV 

We got home and Toni is in the couch looking at Charlotte and I went upstairs with her.

She looked hungry so I gave a blood bag.

“Thanx” she said  

“No problem”  i say

"Well do you want to go to the movies with me?"

“Yes Niall” she says  

I got the car keys and left with Charlotte she look pretty sad. 


Toni's POV

If I had a chance I will kill her no mater what it takes. But if I kill a vampire I will die too. I'm so mad at Niall. 

“Louis” I said and he looked at me 

“What” he said annoyed 

“Never mind” I said angrily as I walk away geez he gets on my nerves 

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