One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


15. Singing

Charlottes POV 

I hate Louis guts I'm never talking to him ever again! I had marks he left when he was chocking. I'll never be that girl again that I used to be my life change a lot when I turned into a vampire. 


Harry's POV

I walk in the room hearing Charlotte singing but she doesn't notice I came in.

“Rock me”


“Do you remember summer 09 wanna go back there every night just can't lie was the of my life. Lying on the beach as the sun blew out , playing this guitar by the fire to lou-” 

“You are  an amazing singer” I say interrupting her singing as she jumped up 

"thank Hazz I was just about to leave." She said but I walked up to her and kissed her but she kissed back but she stopped. 

"What's wrong?" I say 

"me and Niall are together and you an- and me k-kissed." She stuttered "let's forget this happened." She said and she look like she was going to cry



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