One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


34. Read to find out

     (2weeks later)

    Charlottes POV 

"FINALLY I GET TO GO HOME" I said happy to the boys as they hug me tightly "Ugh guys I can't breath." I say. "Oh sorry." 

(Skip the ride home) 

i miss sleeping in my own bed I've been in the hospital for 2weeks and today finally got out. As soon as the car stopped I ran to Niall and the boys and hugged them again. Hahah I guess they think I'm a fan jk jk. "Your seen very happy to be here." Louis said "yeah I I'm Lou." 

I smile at the and look down. "Let's go in and eat ice cream." Niall said "Oooo and let's watch toy story." Liam said like a little kid jumping up and down. Haha I miss these lads. 

N/A sorry short chapter and sorry I'm naming the chapters read to find out it's because I don't know what to name them so I named it like that well bye Nialler's Potato 


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