One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


33. Read to find out

   Liam's POV 

When we finished eating I took Charlotte to her room. I have to admit she's not that heavy she's like kinda light. She's nice and she's so mature. Well sometimes. "Thanx li." She said while getting off, of me. 

"No problem love." I say 

  Charlottes POV 

I walked in my room and went to sleep.


"NOO NIALL HARRY." I yelled as tears ran down my cheek. "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!"I yelled between sobs. "I TOLD YOU HES BACK! MR.X IS BACK." I yelled to Niall and Harry which they got shot. (Just incase you don't know Mr.X he tried to kill one direction. But they cached   him with a gun in a one direction concert and they took him to jail, and know he's coming for revenge and he's planing to kill 1D and their fans on May 8, 2014 and so yeah this is all true) 

Louis, Liam, and Zayn where gone. Then I saw Mr.X he came up to me and he shot me. On the arm making me suffer even more "AHHH! WHY WONT YOU JUST FUCKING KI-."

 *end of dream* 

   Niall's POV 

"I TOLD YOU HES BACK! MR.X IS BACK, AHH! WHY WONT YOU JUST FUCKING KI-." Charlottes screamed while crying I got really scared so I started shaking he to wake up. But I was realising she's having a panic attack. So I call the ambulance fast. "Hello yes me girlfriend is having a panic attack please come fast as ps it is me Niall Horan." I said "don't worry sir well be their ASAP." The lady said  I caried her down the stairs and waited for them out side.

Then I heard the come, and they took her away from me. "Sir you need to stay but come as soon as possible." A doctor said "Guys get dressed were going to the hospital ASAP or I'll leave you." I yelled in tears Louis Harry Liam and Zayn came down and we left to the hospital. It was a quiet way. But I didn't care I just wanted to see my princes luckily we live near a hospit- "Niall what happen" Liam spoke up "it's Charlotte she had a panic attack and she said Mr.X is back." I Said and they all stood shocked.

N/A sorry short chapter and please comment and tell your friends about this book and one more thing do you guys want me to read one of your books I'll be glad to and I'll like the book and give you a feedback. -CRAZY MOFOS (Charlotte)

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