One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


30. Read to find out

   Charlottes POV 

Niall kept on bothering me ugh. He's getting me really mad. "NIALL JUST STOP!" I yelled and he kept on going. "You know what Niall I think we both need spac-" I say but I got cut of "Y-your breaking up with m-me?" His voice cracked and it look down. 

"I don't know Niall.....I really don't know. I just need to think. It's to much your getting me emotional." I say "But princess." He says "Niall please." I say as my voice cracks to and we both start crying. I start running out the room.

I start running down the stairs and I finally reach the door. I just remembered I have my car keys. Yes I have a car. So as I ran to it my hand I'd held by someone. I didn't care who it was I just him. Then he carried me to a room. When I look up its Harry. 

Hazza and I leaned into a kiss. "Love you." He whispers into my ears and I get goosebumps. But when I look at the door Niall is standing there. Harry lets me down and I run out to Niall. "NIALL." I yelled 

"Leave me alone!" He shouted  "Nialler please wait." I say and I admit Harry and I did lean into a kiss but we didn't actually kissed. 

"I thought I trusted you." He said a he kneed on his feet and I wake to him."Niall me and Harry didn't kiss. We leaned into one but we didn't Nialler. I will never to that to you. Never in my life. Please. Trust me, please. 

I pull him into a hug. "I love you" he said "I love you too Nialler." I say

N/A sorry short chapter 

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