One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


13. my escape

Toni's POV

Niall and Harry are obviously on my hate list now. What's their problem she's back. Niall hasn't hated me this much since I took the last piece of bacon. I stood up but I was wobbly. I walked to Louis and sobbed in his chest.

" What happened are you ok " he asked panicked

" going in my room " I said between sobs

" alright " he approved

I ran up the steps and went in my room I locked the door and put a chair under the doorknob just incase. I pulled out my photo album. I searched through the album trying to find that picture and then I found it. It was a picture of me and Louis when we were kids with our mom and dad. It's been hard without them. I guess I was really never taught right from wrong or not to talk back. I was so angry I took the picture out of the album then threw album at the wall and there was a huge BANG then it fell to the ground.

" OPEN THE DOOR " someone called

" ARE YOU OK LET US IN " someone else yelled

They banged on the door and tried to open the door.

" LEAVE ME ALONE AND GET AWAY " I yelled at them

Im going to wait till its dark out then im going to sneak out my window and run away. I put the picture in a book bag and put my blanket my mom made for me in it. I got paper and wrote a note:   Dear Louis,

                      I really love you with all my heart but things are not working out. Im going away for a little while don't worry about me I'll be just fine after all im a vampire and just remember I'll be back soon. I need to sort things out with myself. If you miss me look in our album and you'll see that old photo of us. I love you bro.

                                                          - Toni

I folded it and snuck out my door it was now about 9:00 PM. I tapped It to his door. Then ran out my room and climbed out the window. This is why my room is on the second floor. trust me, i've tried to run away before but, this is the one time im getting away. I slid down the roof and landed with a thump on the ground. I ran and ran. Wow, I cant believe I got this far. 

N/A credit to talia is in our hearts 



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