One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


26. Moving


Niall's POV 

We are moving soon to this house we rented its a titanic shaped house. I'm wondering if Charlotte wants to share a room with me. "Hey" Charlotte said as she lie down next to me. "Hey" I said "So what's up?" She said "Well I want to ask you a question?" I said "What's the question?" She replies "Well we are moving to a new house and I'm wondering if you , um maybe want to share a room with me? I know your my girlfriend but I just want to know because I know sometimes you need your privacy. Or maybe you can share a room with me and when ever you want to sleep by yourself you can go to you other room it's up to you.?" I say in a nervous way. "Well that sound great and I would love to share a room with you Niall." She replies  "When do we move Niall?"  She said "Sorry for the late notice but in four days"I say "So do you want to start packing up with me , it's not much stuff?" She said "Sure and when we move do you want to go shopping and get new clothes for you and me?" I say "Sure sounds great.

Harrys POV 

Were moving in a few days and before we leave I want to ask Christina out on a date. But I don't know if the mates would say yes. But it'll be worth it , she so nice and beautiful. I'm so glad I met her in the woods. I find that kind of funny I don't know why. 

Christina POV 

I'm wondering if ill ever see Harry again. He so amazing , I wish we could meet up somewhere but I think he's not interested in me. I love his green eyes , hair, he's so perfect. I think I found my perfect match. I might call him later. 

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