One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


22. meeting the pack

Toni's POV

I mean Lou prob wont be here for awhile maybe even tomorrow. I heard a knock on the cabin door. I opened up the door and there stood a smiling Arianna.

" follow me "  she ordered

I followed her out the door. Thank gosh its night because id be burning up.

" where are we going " I questioned annoyed

" meet my pack duh " she informed me.

I swallowed hard and began to get nervous. Vampire's and werewolves don't exactly get along. I mean were not like having wars or anything its just we don't really get off on the right foot. we walked for awhile until I saw 2 wolves. When they saw us the transformed. They let Arianna in but stopped me in my tracks.

" who are you " one of them asked me

" Im Toni Tomlinson " I stated annoyed

He grabbed my collar and lifted me so I was looking at me.

" I don't like your attitude girl" he boomed

" umm I get that a lot " I admitted

He threw me to the ground and growled at me. Arianna jumped in front of him.

" incase you didn't notice she's with me " she growled and helped me up

We walked around for awhile and I got glares up the wazoo. My phone rang because I had a message. it was from Lou, it read: Where on earth are u im worried sick im at the old cabin. So, be here now. I said ' good bye ' to Arianna. I ram back to the cabin and barged in.

" okay we can do this the easy way or the hard way " Louis warned

" what do you mean " I questioned him

" im taking you home " he informed me

" I cant go home I still haven't done what I needed to do" I said

" okay its the hard way" He said and put a towel over my mouth

Everything went black. After what felt like 5 minuets I woke up with a curious Harry staring at my. I slapped him in the face.

" oww I see you haven't gotten anymore polite "he snarled but slowly a smile spread across his face.

 it wasn't a normal smile it was an evil smile, I could tell he had a plan and something told me it was an evil plan.

N/A credit it talia is in our hearts 

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