One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


21. Lonely

Charlottes POV

Two days later I'm  missing Niall so much I just cant be away for  him for so long.

I got lost in the woods and it has a path so I follow  this path and it leads to this cabin it looks over 100 years old.  Then I open the door and walk in and say

"Hello is anyone here"

"Charlottes what are you doing here?" I hear a familiar voice 

''Toni is that you, well I told Niall and the boys I needed a break and I left and got lost and now I'm here.''

''Yes and oh.'' she said 

''Louis is worried sick about you , you should come home with me.'' I say

''How do you know he's worried sick about me.'' she replied

'' Because he came into mine and Niall's room choking and blaming me that you ran away.'' I said

''I  thought he hated me , why would he care about me after what happened, I know it all my fault for what happened years ago, Charlotte you have to leave I'm so sorry but go back home and tell Louis to come please , is that I need him by my side right now and i don't really have no one to stay with me.'' she said

'' I'll be back soon.'' I say

I'm hungry I didn't today so I went looking for a human. I'm waling around for like twenty minutes to see if there is a human. Finally I saw one and I bit into his neck and I sucked all the blood out of him then I through him inside a old dumpster. I just realized that I'm in a old neighborhood.

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