One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


29. It was all just a Dream

 Charlottes POV

I woke up. I just noticed that me and Niall where in the same bed. We didn't have sex last night it was all a dream. We did move last night to our new house. I look at the clock. It was 1pm. 

"NIALL WAKE UP!" I say while jumping on the bed "ITS 1PM." 

"Ugh 5more minutes" he said in his sexy morning voice

"Niall." I say 

"ok ok I'll get up." He said grumpy 

"Ni I had well a weird dream, it all seemed so real. It's like I can't even explain. It was all a dream." I say confused 

N/A sorry short chapter 

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