One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


2. Getting ready

Charlotte's POV 

Well I had a good night sleep and I'm so excited to meet one direction today at the concert. Well I'm going to get up from bed fix it. After that I've took a shower and got dressed and dried my hair. “Charlotte , come down to eat you breakfast” my mum said 

“Ok I'll be down there in a minute mum” i replied 

So I went down stairs and started eating my blue berry pancake. When I finished eating I said “Thanx mum”  “Your welcome” she said 

So I finished with everything. It's 15:45(3:45) so it take me to get over there two hours so I better leave now. “Mum! I'm leaving to a concert ok” I said and she nodded.

Well it's a long long way. But who cares. Ahhh. But I'm so so so excited. I get into my red Maserati and turn on my car.  It's like an 5hour ride. But it's worth it I'm a massive fan of ❤️❤️one direction❤️❤️. 

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