One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


24. Coming back home

Charlotte's POV

When I got home Louis wasn't there and maybe he went to see Toni or something. When I got to Niall's room I saw him crying. 

"Hey why are you crying Niall" I say 

"All the boys are with their girlfriend and Zayn got a new girlfriend named Katy and she reminds me of Charlotte." He says 

"But I'm here Niall" I say

"Charlotte?" He says and turns around and runs up to and kisses me. 

"Yes Niall" I said

"I thought you left me I thought I couldn't make it without you I'm so glad your back." He says with a big grin on his face 

"I love you" he said

"I love you too" I replied 


N/A sorry short chapter hope you like it 

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