One Direction Are Vampires

Ok guys I'm writing this book again for battle of the fandom a so yeah love ya


18. Big step

Toni's POV

I've decided im going to change the way I think. I walked outside since im in the woods there is no sunlight from the trees. I went and walked around searching for something alive. I licked my fangs. I got my phone from outta my pocket. I seen that there was breaking news. I clicked on it, it read: Breaking News: Louis Tomlinson's 17 year old sister Toni Tomlinson went missing yesterday at 9:00 PM. She has brown hair, and green's she was last seen in Doncaster.


 I put my phone in my pocket and looked around I didn't see anything move. I sat on a large rock and thought for awhile. " Why can't I forget what happened to my parents ?" I thought. I don't  understand why. I pulled my phone out again and texted Louis:  " Louis I cant tell you where I am but I have to ask you something why cant I forgive myself for what happened to mum and dad ." I put my phone back into my pocket and stood up. I felt my stomach growl.

I think I might need food. I walked until I found an apple tree. I picked one off and bit into it. It was juicy  and delicious.  I found a small pond I looked into it and my eye's were hazel. I  sighed and finished the apple.

I think im going to try to get home fast cause life sure ant the same without Lou. I don't understand why he still cares for me. Im a mistake to life it self.

N/A credit to talia is in our hearts 

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