The Unwanted And The Lost

Willow is abused, and unwanted. Bullied, broken, lost, and more. So one day, she gets sold to a man with her dog Midnight, who's black as the night. But something isn't right, its just worse for her. Way worse. She has to escape this madness. She tries many times to escape to the woods, but will she make it and see a familiar face?
Or fail again?


6. "Sold"


****Two Weeks Later****


                 Midnight has grown pretty big. He's about at the middle part of my shin. Today is a Friday, and Colton and I decided that we were going to skip school, because it wasn't like we were doing anything important. We went shopping and came back to my house to play with Midnight. When we got home, my dad was there, crying. He looked me strait in the eye. I gave him a confused look, since he'd been happy and sober these past two weeks.

"Willow, you have to leave," he said softly.


"You're being sold to your Aunt Morgan."

"Sold?!" I yelled, then looked over to Colton.

He explained to me that my aunt found out about all the things he was doing: being drunk all the time, picking up prostitutes, going to the strip club, and more. He said she called the police and they're taking me away to live with my aunt awhile away from my current house. I stared between him and Colton. I ran out of the door and to the park and sat at what Colton and I call our "Promise Tree," where we became best friends. I sat, and cried into my knees as I felt someone sat next to me and hug me. I looked up and saw Colton with tears in his eyes. I buried my head into his chest and cried while he held me close. Why did he say "sold"? I thought. I looked up at Colton softly, staring into his beautiful blue eyes. Suddenly and slowly, he moved closer to my face, and softly kissed me. I was shocked, and kissed back as he stroked my cheek. We parted shortly after, and gently smiled.

Colton's POV:


I couldn't believe what I'd done; kissed my best friend, who was like a sister to me. I started to show feelings that I've been trying to hide. It just happened. She smiled gently, and I smiled back.

"S-Sorry," I said quietly.

She just shook her head and smiled. Then I gently held her hand in mine, lacing our fingers. Emma and Anne walked over and gave her a dirty look. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Why're you touching her? She'll contaminate you with her dirty little self."
"Leave. No one wants to hear it. I'll never like you, I like her," I said, staring at Anne.

"You'll realize what she is sooner or later. Until then just let her fuck her dad for a living," she turned and laughed at Willow.

"Shut up. You have no clue what she's going through."

"I'm sure she deserves it," she said before walking off.

Willow became uncomfortable; she wouldn't look up from the ground. I stared at her then gently lifted her chin with my finger so she'd look at me.

"Don't listen to them... Okay?"

She nodded and layed her head on my shoulder, cuddling close to me. After awhile, she ended up sleeping over my house with Midnight.


Okay guys, I know this book is sucky and not to the point, but trust me, it's coming in the next chapter or the chapter after that. I promise(: Soooo, do you think there will ever be a Willow and Colton? Or will something happen that'll mess everything up? Hope you guys like this! Hang with me!(: Comment please!(:



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