The Unwanted And The Lost

Willow is abused, and unwanted. Bullied, broken, lost, and more. So one day, she gets sold to a man with her dog Midnight, who's black as the night. But something isn't right, its just worse for her. Way worse. She has to escape this madness. She tries many times to escape to the woods, but will she make it and see a familiar face?
Or fail again?


4. School


          I did my usual routine, go to my locker, grab books, and trudge around the halls. Colton walked with me. I grunted, and walked. I saw Emma and Anne in the hall.


I sighed and tried to hide my face and walk away, but I swear she's like a hawk. She sees everything.

"Oh, hello there Willow The Beautiful," she said, walking over.

I walked as fast as I could and heard "The Group" calling me the usual names- "Whore", "Slut," "Bitch".... Colton gave them a death look and walked with me. They just find it "hot."

"Oh hello handsome," Emma flirted, holding his shoulder and walking with us.

I never realized how cute Colton actually is; everything about him was perfect. He had jet black hair, which would be labeled as "scene," bright blue eyes, a few piercings, and he's muscular. I stared at him, than ran.

"Willow!" he yelled.

"Oh forget about her, she's Willow, The Worthless," she smirked.

I ran into my first period class, and took my seat; I was first in there. I sighed and began to sketch in my notebook. I flipped through it, looking past everything that I drew in the past two years. I keep them to look at my progress, and I'm definitely progressing. I looked at pictures of dragons, swords, and more, and smiled at my work. Then I got to my latest drawing- it was a portrait of me and Colton hugging and smiling. I sighed, and shaded in some outlines of our faces, and cheekbones. I looked up and saw that Colton had came in late, and gave me an apologetic look, before sitting. The rest of the day went by so slow, including being called names, being shoved, and having to listen to Emma and Anne flirting with Colton.


Hey guys!:) Cailey here:) So, sorry that this is so short, and that I haven't been updating this story much. I started a new story called "Mind Games" so check that out:) I also LOVE feedback(: So if you have any ideas for another story, or probably just on the stories I have now, just comment! (: Bye<3








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