The Unwanted And The Lost

Willow is abused, and unwanted. Bullied, broken, lost, and more. So one day, she gets sold to a man with her dog Midnight, who's black as the night. But something isn't right, its just worse for her. Way worse. She has to escape this madness. She tries many times to escape to the woods, but will she make it and see a familiar face?
Or fail again?


11. Meeting Colton


           I got down from my tree to go spear fishing. I got Midnight down and began walking. I walked to the pond, taking off my shoes. I gently stepped onto a rock and began jumping rocks until I reached the biggest one, where all of the fish were. I stared at them, preparing to strike. I focused on the fish I was going to get and then I slammed the spear down, getting the fish. I smiled and took it off, putting it in a homemade basket I weaved out of bamboo. I kept fishing until I got my seventh fish. I picked the basket up and walked back to my tree. Midnight ran over with a knife in its mouth.

"Where did you find this Mid?" I smiled, taking it out of his mouth.

He barked and wagged his tail.

"Fine, we'll go look for berries," I giggled.

         I hid my fish in a tree stump and covered it in shrubbery. I walked over to a berry bush and smelled a berry. Poisonous. I coughed and walked over to another about a few yards away. I smelled them again; raspberries. I grabbed a handful and shoved them into my mouth. Delicious. I smiled and picked a whole bunch; we'd be eating good tonight. I walked away with a basket full of raspberries. I lifted myself up onto my tree and lit a fire to cook my fish. I made a stand and put the pot into it, with the fish. The smell filled the air. It smelt so good. I used some of the raspberries to make a raspberry juice. I smiled and took a sip. The first fish was done and I decided to give it to Midnight, for finding the knife. He ate it so quickly, must've been hungry. I finished the rest of my cooking and went down to the creek and washed everything. I heard a noise and hid behind a bush. I peeked behind a branch, seeing where it came from. I grabbed the knife Midnight found and held it by my side. I saw a boy my age walk by looking around. I turned around and checked on Midnight, then I looked and the boy was gone.

"Hello?" he came and gently grabbed my shoulder.

     I turned quickly and stabbed his side and then shoulder. He fell and hit his head, passing out. I quickly picked him up over my shoulder and carried him to the tree, lifting him up onto the ledge. I pushed Midnight up and then pulled myself up. I got up and moved the mysterious boy onto my bed and lifted his head. I ripped a piece of fabric off of one of my clothes and wrapped his head. I took his shirt off and examined the wounds. I didn't stab too deep. I put the medicine I found on both of the wounds and then wrapped them. I took another piece of fabric and quickly ran down to the creek and wet it, running back up and putting it on his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes and stared. He looked so familiar, but I just couldn't place my tongue on it. He stared.

"W-Willow?" he said softly.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?"

He slowly grabbed the locket that Colton gave me and smiled. I stared at him.

"My best friend Colton gave me this. Then my dad sold me, and I went to live with another family. The dad raped me the one day, but the son helped me escape and completely change myself so the dad and his security can't find me. So, I live here now. I totally miss Colton. I wish I could find him. I'd give anything," I sighed.

The boy pulled another locket out of his pocket and opened it. It was the same as mine. Wait, I remember. My jaw dropped.

"I never stopped looking for you," he said softly, tearing up.

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