The Unwanted And The Lost

Willow is abused, and unwanted. Bullied, broken, lost, and more. So one day, she gets sold to a man with her dog Midnight, who's black as the night. But something isn't right, its just worse for her. Way worse. She has to escape this madness. She tries many times to escape to the woods, but will she make it and see a familiar face?
Or fail again?


2. Home


Monday, October 18, 2013

Dear Diary,

Please let today be better than it was yesterday. I can't stand another day of the trouble and pain...

Thanks, Willow.



 "Colton! Come push me!" I giggled, sitting on a swing at school. My mom found out about Jess, but she understood. Colton ran over and started pushing me. I giggled. Then, the teacher came out and called us in. I played with the locket my mom gave me with pictures of her and me as we walked in. Everything seemed so...Upset.

"C'mon class, please take your seats."

Today we were learning on how to color inside of the lines. She passed out coloring pages to the class, then told me to step outside with her quietly. I gently got up and slowly walked outside with her.

"Willow, sweetie... Your mom..." she paused.

I stared up at her as she held onto my shoulders and kneeled down beside me. She had a sad expression in her face. She's never sad, just always happy.

"Your mom died. She got into a car accident," she said slowly.

I stared at her face. Why would she lie? I began to cry. She embraced me. It started to rain. She let me sit outside alone. I sat on a swing, crying, until school ended. Colton ran out and hugged me, as his mom came too.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered.

I held on to him and cried. I let go as his mom picked me up and carried me to her car. I sat in the seat and stared at the window as Colton grabbed my hand. My tear-stained face showed as we pulled in the driveway. I stared at the house as I got out and walked in. There was a strong smell as my father came staggering in.

I gave him a confused look and grabbed crayons, walking upstairs.

  This Is Just The Beginning...

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