The Unwanted And The Lost

Willow is abused, and unwanted. Bullied, broken, lost, and more. So one day, she gets sold to a man with her dog Midnight, who's black as the night. But something isn't right, its just worse for her. Way worse. She has to escape this madness. She tries many times to escape to the woods, but will she make it and see a familiar face?
Or fail again?


3. Abused




         I colored in the teddy bear. Downstairs, I could hear Daddy screaming and hitting things. I called Colton on the house phone.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey, do you wanna come over?" I asked politely.

I could hear him ask his mom and her say yes. I smiled and hung up, picking out a little flower dress. I put a matching pink bow in my hair and looked in the small mirror. I looked at my tear-stained face and sighed. I heard a knock on my bedroom door, and in came Colton. I smiled sadly as we sat on my bed. He handed me a little box with a little bow on top. I smiled and opened it to find two necklaces. I gently held one in my hand. It was a locket that had "Best" on it.

"This one is for me," he opened the heart locket to show two pictures of us on a swing set.

I smiled and put it around his neck, then picked up the other one to show that it had the word "Friends". I smiled as he clasped it around my neck by my mom's locket. I kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. My father came staggering in. Colton gave him a confused look as he came over to me. He pulled my hair and dragged me downstairs without Colton looking. I yelped when he hit me, making me fly against the wall. I cried. He slapped me and punched my eye. It immediately swelled. I cried harder as I started to bleed from my nose. He kicked my stomach, then walked away. As I was crouched against the wall, Colton came running down the stairs.

"Willow!" he yelled as he picked me up and carried me back upstairs.

I was shocked, and scared. I was in pain everywhere. That night, I slept over his house. I slept curled up with him, my head on his chest.


****Middle School****


I sighed as I got out of my bed. My eye was swollen and my lip was cut open from last night. You would think things would get better, but it didn't. The usual routine for my father; come home drunk, stagger, hit me, drive away to some random location, meet a lady, one night stand, and be back by morning with a major hangover. I jumped into the hot water and cleaned myself, getting out and dressed in a band t-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans shortly after. I brushed through my brown hair and sighed, staring at myself. I cleaned the dried blood off of my lip, and put makeup on my bruised eye, and finished getting ready. I put on mascara and laced my Converse's. I sighed and grabbed my bag, grabbing an apple and running outside. I waited for the bus and got on, sitting next to Colton.

"Morning Sunshine," he said, staring at my eye, "Same routine?"

"Yep," I said, taking a bite of my apple.

"I want a bite," he whined.

I handed him my apple and he took a huge bite. I whined playfully and giggled.

 I may actually make it through this year.

Haha, Nope.


 Hey Guys(: So I'm going to try to do two chapters a day, but if not, one(:

Comment and let me know how I'm doing, because I like feedback(:

Well byee Lovelies:)<3





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